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Mews and Brews: Glendale’s First Cat Cafe Approaches

Mews and Brews: Glendale’s First Cat Cafe ApproachesCat cafes have become a trending option available to the world of coffee and tea enthusiasts alike.  These establishments allow customers to grab a beverage, maybe a baked good, and pet an adorable kitty cat or two (or three, four, or five if you are me) in a relaxing setting. Although originated in Taiwan, and then made extremely popular by the Japanese, these feline-friendly establishments  have recently become available to Arizonans too. Already open and thriving cat cafe’s around the valley have opened up in Scottsdale and Phoenix, and now Glendale is scheduled to be blessed with one as well!

Mews and Brews will be a cat cafe inspired by feline-enthusiast and Glendale resident Lisa Cleaveland, who wanted to help the local animal shelter find homes for their residents. She realized that a fun and trendy option would be to open up her own at cafe, where customers could enjoy their beverages or pastry, and play with adorable cats that were up for adoption.

The Mews and Brews website states, “Our cat cafe will partner with Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue who will provide us with cats that will specificallyMews and Brews: Glendale’s First Cat Cafe Approaches be able to thrive in a free-roam environment where people can come visit and socialize with the cats. This free-roam environment allows the shelter cats to have more freedom and not be stuck in a cage, who would otherwise only be brought out when their cage is cleaned or when someone might be interested in adopting them. It’s a cozier, homey environment where they can be themselves, and socialize, if they so choose.

The cafe will serve coffee (cappuccinos, lattes, etc.), tea (hot tea, tea lattes),  fruit smoothies, and baked goods from local bakery Shelley’s Desserts.

Lisa’s passion for saving cats and finding them forever homes is her main and longterm goal behind her establishment, and has reached out to the community for a helping hand in her kick-starter campaign. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched for the next month and some change, allowing donations, small or large, to be made toward the establishment. To donate to the opening of Mews and Brews, check out the campaign here!

Glendale’s cat cafe is expected to be opened in the next few years.

“We are working on many things right now, including funding, finding a location, and dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s. We hope to be open within the next two years, depending on how long licensing and renovations on the location will take, and how soon we can get the necessary funding.

Mews and Brews: Glendale’s First Cat Cafe Approaches
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Author: Kristiana Faddoul

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Mews and Brews: Glendale’s First Cat Cafe Approaches
5 2 votes

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