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My Pet Peeve With Service Dogs

So you head the deadline and now you’re ready to write an incredibly angry comment or worse report me to PETA


Here me out folks, I love service dogs. What I don’t like? People who pet them.


According to The National Service Dog registry “Service animals are dogs (and in some cases, miniature horses) trained to perform major life tasks to assist people with physical or severe psychiatric impairments/disabilities.”


This means a service dog might be on duty for a variety of reasons, anything from someone with diabetes to the drink of a heart attack and everything inbetween.


So, what’s my pet peeve?



Now lets imagine you’re in the grocery store and you see an adorable black lab, just growing into her large paws and floppy ears bouncing down the aisle as she accompanies  her owner, drawing a service dog vest.


The most natural instinct for dog lovers is to run over and smother this adorable little pup with snuggles and treats.


That’s wrong!


The site http://www.anythings, a resource for service dog owners say, “You can’t pet Service Dogs because it’s distracting, and if a working dog is distracted because of something you do and their handler gets sick or injured, it’s your fault.”


There are so many different types of service dogs that it’s hard to know exactly why the dog you see is on duty for- but one thing’s for sure. If they have the vest on don’t get your pet on!


These hard working dogs go through so much training and classes to be skilled enough to wear those vents and hopefully save the life of their owner


Anything Pawsable goes on to say that, “Regardless of the dog’s specific task or the handler’s disability one thing is certain: Service Dogs need to be focused on their partner in order to do their job, thus keeping their person safe and preventing injury. Distracting a working Service Dog in any way risks the health and safety of the disabled person they are assisting.”


Remember service dogs are still just dogs and life can be distracting for a little pup, with so many smells and treats they already have a very serious task at hand to be distracted by you too.


Worried about what to do when you see a service dog in the future? Pawsable has the answer…


So what should you do when you encounter a Service Dog team? You should simply ignore the dog completely. Pretend that he or she simply isn’t there. Interact with the human partner as you would any other person.

My Pet Peeve With Service Dogs
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Author: Monica Sampson

Monica Sampson is a Phoenix based journalist, entertainer and storyteller. Pursuing a double major from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, in broadcast journalism and theater with a pre law minor. Monica understands the power of media to educate, inspire, and inform.

Combining her passion for feminism with her media savvy, Monica has been recognized as an emerging feminist leader in the valley. Monica Sampson has appeared extensively on television and radio discussing feminism, politics, and empowerment; serving as a board member for I Am That Girl, a national organization dedicated to changing stereotypes often associated with women.

She is the assistant news director for KASC Blaze Radio and the co-host of the award winning radio show Mo-Jo In The Morning.

Outside of her professional life, Monica enjoys musicals, bunny rabbits, and singing along to Barbra Streisand.

My Pet Peeve With Service Dogs
5 1 vote

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