Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas Wardrobe

Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas WardrobeHeading to Las Vegas is one of the best occasions for getting dressed to the nines. With some of the craziest nightlife in the United States, it’s no wonder people show up to the casinos and night clubs in sparkling dresses and suave suits. Even during the day these men and women walk the strip in chic brunch outfits fit for the Hamptons. Now, it takes a little extra effort to stand out and truly portray the “razzle dazzle” that’ll get everyone’s eyes fixed on you. However, with the need to be the best dressed comes with a huge dent in your wallet, right? Because the nicest clothes usually come with the largest pice tags, don’t they?

Well, I am here to prove you WRONG! I have come to find that the fanciest looking outfits don’t always have to come with an overwhelming price tag . Ladies, let me show you some of the best spots to accumulate your Vegas wardrobe without having to break the bank!

#1 Charlotte Russe

This popular fashion store can be found at almost ever mall and outlet mall around town. With the latest styles in dressy and casual clothing, along with a wall filled with fabulous shoe options, Charlotte Russe is the place to be when shopping for the perfect outfit. Not to mention that their sales are ridiculous.

Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas Wardrobe

I bought two clubbing dresses from this store for a total of ten dollars! The black dress I bought was only $7.99, and the gorgeous dark emerald, sequin dress was a whopping $1.99! Isn’t that insane? The two main pieces of my “night on the town” dresses combined cost less than a venti coffee and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. Then, I found a chic pair of black, suede flats with leather ribbons for $4.99. Talk about a bang for your buck!

#2 Target

One location I never thought I would find anything Vegas-related at was my local Target. (In all honesty though, their clothing lines are pretty darn cute!) While looking for some sunglasses and a sun hat, I stumbled upon their sale section and was pleasantly surprised. I found the cutest and most stylish romper for only $7.99. Then I bought a matching sun hat for fifteen bucks, and walked out feeling victorious. Usually just one cute shirt can cost anywhere from fifteen to twenty five dollars at Target, so I was more than peachy when leaving the store.

#3 Ross: Dress for Less

I absolutely LOVE Ross, and I always have. You can find anything from a nice dress to a funky crop top and cute pair of high waisted shorts. While visiting the store on my last trip, I was in search for a fancy but cost efficient purse to match one of my Vegas outfits. While there, I immediately found a sparkly, silver purse for only $12.99. The original price of the purse had been thirty five dollars.

#4 Q

The store Q is another one that can be found in practically any mall, in Arizona at least. It is a smaller in comparison to Charlotte Russe, but has Cheaper Ways to Prep Your Dazzling Vegas Wardrobesome sexy and very comfortable shoes for a decent price. Although the most expensive singular item purchased for my Vegas wardrobe, I found a pair of super fashionable velvet black heels that go with practically anything. I nabbed them for twenty bucks and made my way happily out of the store.

#5 Amazon

When in-person stores fail, turn to internet shopping for help! Now, I usually don’t purchase clothes online because you never really know how they will fit or look on your body until you receive them. However, when it came to buying a specific black swimsuit and knit swimsuit cover, I gave Amazon a shot. I made sure to check out all of the reviews and pictures posted by the satisfied customers. I ordered a knit, black one piece swimsuit along with a knit white swimsuit cover to go along with it. When they came in, I was more than satisfied with the way they fit my body and with how inexpensive they both were. I didn’t spend over twenty bucks combined!

I also found some pretty cheap but high quality makeup online as well. Instead of paying $50+ on glitter makeup, I found two cute palettes for $6.99 combined, and also found some reduced-price glitter mascara and fake eyelashes!

So honestly ladies, you don’t have to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on beautiful, chic outfits for your trip to Vegas. Just keep your eyes open for deals, don’t settle for the overly expensive, and really try to get you money’s worth with every purchase!