Revitalize Your Dry Feet With These Beauty Foot Hacks

Revitalize Your Dry Feet With These Beauty Foot HacksSummertime is here, which means it is time for summer clothes! Shorts, tank tops, summer dresses and flip-flops are definitely the way to go in the excruciating Arizona heat. However, with breezy clothes comes new skin exposure… and with that exposure comes damage to the skin. One of my least favorite effects of the summer heat is developing cracked, dry feet!

Summertime means more flip-flops, sandals, and for some reason, walking barefoot around the house more often (at least, that’s the case for me). The bottom of your feet are exposed to the elements more than usual, and become callused, dry, cracked and pure rougher altogether. While rough feet do have their advantages, I personally cannot sand having feet that feel like the roughest sandpaper in the land. However, I don’t always have time to go spend tons of money on a special pedicure that removes all dead skin. This means that during the scorching summers, I try my best to use whatever at-home foot treatment I can to get my soles, heals and toes back to the softness they usually possess.

At Home Remedies For Your Summer-Stricken Feet

Lotion/Petroleum Jelly Socks Overnight

This is one solution I have been doing for years that seems to do the trick. I first soak my feet in warm, soapy water. I then use a foot file and remove as much dead skin as I can. From there, I grab some thick socks, coat my feet in a generous amount of petroleum jelly, stick the socks on over my coated feet, then go to sleep. It feels a bit bizarre at first, but it is a sure-fire way to wake up with softer, moisturized feet.Revitalize Your Dry Feet With These Beauty Foot Hacks

Epsom Salt Wash

“Epsom salt is known to improve the circulation around the feet area and this makes it effective in getting rid of dead skin cells. It also contains magnesium that may help remove the toxins from the feet,” said an article on Natural Remedy Ideas’s website. The site explains to soak feet in an epsom salt bath for about 10 minutes, and then apply on a coat of petroleum jelly directly after the soak. Doing this every three days can majorly rehydrate rough feet.

Lemon Juice Soak

One of my mother’s favorite remedies for dry, callused feet is a lemon juice soak. The acidity in the lemons help break down dead skin cells, leaving your feet clean and smelling fresh in the process! For this foot soak, mix together lemon juice and warm water. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub with a type of foot brush or rough body sponge. Then rinse off your feet, dry them, and go about your day. You can repeat the treatment about two times a week.

Honey, Milk, and Orange Overnight Foot Mask gives a great recipe for a honey, milk and orange foot mask to apply to your feet overnight. The article covering dry foot remedies says to mix together a warm cup of honey, and stir in two tablespoons of milk. From there you squeeze in juice from half an orange and stir until a paste is made. Apply the mask to your feet, slap on socks, and let it soak into your feet over night. This is a remedy I personally cannot wait to try myself.