The Benefits of Rocking a “No-Makeup” Face

The Benefits of Rocking a "No-Makeup" FaceNot wearing makeup can be so freeing. You don’t have to worry about it getting messed up or smudged, about it hurting your skin, or about it being too overdone or too underdone. Granted, if I am being honest, I rarely go without makeup when leaving the house myself. Actually, the only time you will catch me without makeup on my face is when I am going to bed! However, I have become more open to the idea of going a day or two out of the week without my face done-up.

Again, since I am being honest, I want to point out that I do not wear too much makeup to begin with anyway. You can see me regularly rocking some blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. I keep it pretty simple in the realm of facial beauty products. However, even those little additions of makeup to my face have changed my image of myself into thinking I need those products to be beautiful. Ladies, it’s about time we realized that this societal standard of beauty is NOT TRUE. So, I am writing this article to remind women that no matter what age, skin type, or marking your you may have, you can still be considered beautiful for being exactly who you are without your makeup. Plus, there are some pretty great benefits for leaving the makeup off your face for a day or two if you can help it.

Benefits to the Skin

Okay, we all know that putting gunk on your face all day, everyday, can’t be the best for your face. Granted, there are makeup products that have The Benefits of Rocking a "No-Makeup" Facebeen made to be better for the skin… but I wouldn’t say any product is necessarily good for you. Makeup clogs pores, and a lot of the chemicals in the products can dry out a face over time… or worse, cause permanent damage. I promise you, if you can leave all products off of your face for at least two days, you will see a substantial difference in the way your natural face looks. When you give your features the chance to “do their own thing” you will be surprised at how much they glow.

Embracing Your True Beauty

As I just mentioned, it can be wonderful to embrace your true beauty. Although we have been brainwashed over time to have specific expectations to what beauty should be and look like, these expectations are ridiculous. Who is to say your natural eyes, lips, skin, brows, nose, eyelashes, etc. aren’t beautiful? You have the power to show the world your true beauty, and help change insane beauty expectations. So wipe off that makeup and embrace your own power!

The Benefits of Rocking a "No-Makeup" FaceSo Much More Free Time

Look, I know SO MANY women that spend anywhere from half an hour to about two full hours doing their makeup. They wake up so far in advance to do their full face, and it is just insane to me! Granted, doing that much makeup becomes almost a work of art, but art that is still extremely time consuming. Leave the makeup off for a day, or if you absolutely have to wear some for your professional life, wear a smaller amount. Give your face a chance to breathe, and your body more time to relax and sleep!

Save That Cash

So we all know that doing a full face of makeup takes a good chunk of time right? Well, it also takes a good chunk of money to buy the high quality products. I have friends that keep giant craft boxes filled with makeup products priced at all ranges in their bathrooms. Most of the time my friends buy their products on sale, or buy the high quality makeup that still doesn’t break the bank. However, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I heard the prices of some of their favorite palettes, glosses, powders, and more. One Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette costs $54.00! I also found out that one tube of Jeffree Star liquid lipstick cost $18.00 online, not including the shipping and handling… and a friend of mine owns seven of those lip shades! All in all, you can definitely save yourself some of the big bucks if you take a few days to be makeup free.

Now that you have been reminded of all of the benefits behind a makeup-less face (because let’s face it ladies, you already knew all of the benefits to being makeup free prior to this article), why don’t you muster up some courage and try it yourself? I am going on my second day of being makeup free, and let me tell you, my face is loving it!