Life is hard being a woman, which is something I’m sure every female can agree on. But what makes being a woman even harder at times is being a short woman. If you are between the heights of 4’ 11” and 5’ 5” then you know exactly what I am talking about. There are daily hurdles we must jump over, and challenges we must overcome just so that we can live our lives the way we want. For those of you who look down at us short people (no pun intended) and think that our shortness is no big deal, well think again. While being “height-challenged” does have its perks from time to time, it has very many challenges that come with it.

Finding the Right Clothes

Being a shorter lady means you will struggle when it comes to shopping for clothes. Blouses and short-sleeved shirts aren’t usually a problem, since we can shop for tops in both the adult and youth sections of stores. But when it comes to long-sleeve shirts, we have to roll the sleeves about half way up so that our hands aren’t lost. Pants, long skirts, and long dresses are another issue. There is no middle ground for a short woman when it comes to “long” clothing. We may find a pair of bottoms that fit around our waist and butt, but they drag on the floor. Then we are forced to roll up pants, or hem skirts and dresses until they are the right length. It’s an exhausting process, trust me.

Standing on a chairReaching Items in High Places

Cooking in the kitchen and need that colander in the top cupboard? Looks like you’re climbing the counter to get it. Are your favorite pair of heels on the top shelf of your walk-in closet? Time to grab the chair to stand on. When items happen to be placed above our heads, life becomes difficult for a short woman. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to climb on the kitchen or bathroom counter to reach something that was put away by another, taller, family member or roommate. If you live or work with a short lady, do your best to place commonly used objects in easy-to-reach places.

 People Attempt Lean on You

This one is a specific pet peeve of mine. Just because a lady in your life is shorter, and comes right up to your shoulders, it does not mean that you can use her as an armrest or as something to lean on when you feel like it! I have literally had people who were barely my acquaintances try to lean their elbows on my shoulders casually. Unless you are very close to the person, please don’t attempt to use them as an armrest or footstool; it is very rude.

 Heels Become a Necessity

If you are a lady working in a professional setting or you just love dressing up when you are out on the town, heels become your best friend. Well, your best “frienemy” I should say, because those things can really hurt! Anyway, these High Heelsshoes add on a few inches while adding a bit of flare to your look. However, like I mentioned earlier, then aren’t always the most comfortable footwear.

Your View Gets Blocked Easily

Have you ever gone to a movie theater, a concert, or any type of performance, had a taller person stand/sit in front of you, and completely lose all sight of what you were watching? Yep, it happens all the time to us short people. If we aren’t in the front row or in front of the crowd, we miss everything. It’s nice when you have someone in your life that is willing to lift you up over the crowd so you can see, but the probability of knowing someone willing to do that is slim.

Being a shorter woman is nothing to be ashamed of or upset about. We are small, adorable, and give the best hugs (because we fit right under everyone’s chin). However, we face quite a few challenges that can be a little bothersome in our everyday lives. Just remember, we may be little ladies, but we overcome big challenges everyday!