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Westgate Nails & Spa ReviewI have been on the hunt for a brand new, exceptional nail salon for a few years now. My entire life I have bounced from nail salon to nail salon, looking for that one place I could truly rely on forever. Luckily, I actually came upon that special nail salon last night when out with my mother. For years we knew this nail salon was near our home in Glendale, but had never given it a chance. Because it was in the Westgate Shopping Center, we assumed it was going to be expensive, so we never pursued it.

But after spending time after time at nail salons that weren’t quite living up to my standards, I decided to finally give it a try. Their reviews on Yelp weren’t bad at all, and the crazy designs they had pictures of were quite impressive.You could tell this nail salon operated with state-of-the-art nail tech equipment. So mom mother and I hopped into the car, and drove around the corner to Westgate Nail Salon.

We were helped right away, and the experience was lovely. I planned on writing more here in this article about my experience, but my review on Yelp says it all. Check it out below, and if it sounds like a place you would enjoy, pay them a visit! Westgate Nails & Spa Review

My Yelp Review of Westgate Nails & Spa

I am in love with this nail salon! It has been so close to my home this whole time, and after spending a year trying to find the perfect nail salon for me, I finally found it closest to home. 

My mom and I went in on a whim yesterday for a spa/girls day. We both decided to get gel manicures. Once the ladies got going, we fell in love. The three women that were working when we were there were Kate, Hannah, and Janet (their American names). Kate worked on my mom, Janet on me, and  Hannah worked on the ladies next to me. Everyone was so precise and professional. You could tell they have worked in the industry for quite some Westgate Nails & Spa Reviewtime. 

As I started having my current gel polish taken off, one of my nails broke. To fix it, Janet offered to put a mineral gel powder over my nail to strengthen and reinforce it. It looked so strong and pretty after that I asked her to do it on all my nails! So those pink French tip nails you see are not actually acrylic as they appear to be, but are my real nails with some reinforcement! Janet was just so good that my nails look fake. 

As you can see, everything came out beautifully, the ladies were so friendly and hilarious, and the prices were even super reasonable! For regular gel nails my mom paid $25 and for my powder reinforced, French tip gel manicure with extra designs and sparkles it was only $48. I have gone to places where I would be paying $65 for what I got done. We will definitely be going back and found our regular nail salon. Give it a try, they are amazing!!!