Indispensable_happy business peopleThe work environment has always been a place of rank, position, and respect. The traditional way to build that work respect and rank is by starting at the bottom rung of the professional ladder, and through hard work and dedication to the company, you make your way to the higher rungs. An employee usually would start out feeling they had to prove themselves in some way or another, and show that they are a valuable asset to their fellow coworkers and supervisors.

However, there are some employees here and there who enter the work environment with an unmistakable ego, thinking they are God’s gift to the world and an absolute expert in their specific field. At times, these people actually are experts in their field, and other times they are not. Nonetheless, what people should not forget is that no matter what, they are dispensable. In the world we live in today, there are millions of people with skills in a plethora of work industries. Someone, somewhere has more knowledge than you and is more talented than you. This is only a fact that needs to be realized. No need to fear though, because there are definitely ways a person can make themselves an indispensable member of a professional team. This occurs not only through hard work and skill, but also through building strong bonds with coworkers, and by developing the right attitude.

If you want to become an asset that is irreplaceable, you need to start by changing your mindset when in the work environment. Too many times employees have joined a company with the wrong question in mind. They wonder, “What can this company do for me? How can this company make me rich and successful?” Wanting to make a decent living and be successful is wonderful, but you should never walk into your place of employment with only those goals in mind. A truly valuable and indispensable employee firsts asks what they can do to better the company, and how their hard work can be used to push the entirety of their organization to the top, not just themselves.

Once a person’s mindset is on track and in the right direction, everything else usually falls right into place. It’s a person’s attitude, along Indispensable_work meetingwith their hard work, dedication, and skill set that make them a valuable asset to a team. Yet, without this attitude and mindset of unity and betterment of the workplace, an employee just becomes another power/money hungry leech instead of an admirable and beneficial team member.

Next time you’re at work, take a step back and evaluate the kind of employee you are. Do you have an ego, do you work only for yourself in your work environment, or are you putting rank and pay grade above everything else? If so, you are putting yourself at risk of being dispensable. Reevaluate your work life, and become the indispensable employee you know you want to be!