Starbucks FoodShare Teams Up With Feeding America to Combat Hunger

Starbucks FoodShare Teams Up With Feeding America to Combat HungerI have been a Starbucks fan for years. I have indulged on their coffees, delicious teas, and plethora of food options since I was a child. However, one night after walking into my local Starbucks just minutes before they closed, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. One of the baristas had tons of food packages in her hands, items that were on the shelves and whatnot, and she was putting the majority of them in a trash bag. Granted, a good chunk of the food was taken home to be enjoyed by many of the other baristas, but the rest of the pile was just thrown out. Personally, I always had thought it was such a waste and hoped that one day the popular coffee conglomerate would donate the food instead. Well, lo and behold, when 2016 came around so did Starbucks’ new food donation program: Starbucks FoodShare.

As the official Starbucks website states: “In the spirit of Our Mission and Values, partners across the country advocated for a solution to donate unsold food to the communities we serve. Through a new and unique strategic partnership with Feeding America, we will rescue 100% of food available to donate from all of our U.S. stores, positioning Starbucks as the sector leader in food rescue.”

According to NowThis, Starbucks FoodShare has already been launched in 10 cities, and will continue to expand until all  7,600 Starbucks locations Starbucks FoodShare Teams Up With Feeding America to Combat Hungerin America are participants. The organization anticipates 100% participation from all locations by 2020.

Once I learned about Starbucks’ plans, I immediately wanted to hear testimony from the baristas who will be crucial in the food donating process.  I recently spoke to 20-year-old Malina Younan, a past Starbucks barista int he Phoenix area about the new program.

“So many families around the world suffer from not being able to provide food for themselves or for their loved ones. I’m so thrilled to hear about the steps Starbucks is taking to try and end this stigma. I was a barista with this company for 2 years, and within that timeframe the amount of food that was thrown away was heartbreaking. Aside from the small donations that Starbucks would give, there was still so much salvageable food that needed to be tossed because it didn’t fall into the standards of “quality freshness.” I’m so excited to hear that they’ll be providing food to local food banks so that those who need it won’t have to suffer anymore. I only hope other food establishments follow in their footsteps.”

Starbucks Is Donating Extra Food To Those In Need

Starbucks is helping feed millions by giving away unsold food

Posted by NowThis on Sunday, June 25, 2017