Armed Man Arrested at Phoenix Comicon

Armed Man Arrested at Phoenix ComiconPolice arrested a man at Phoenix Comicon Thursday for possession of a loaded shotgun and three loaded handguns.

The 30-year-old man was also armed with knives, ammunition, and other handheld weapons on top of the three loaded guns.

Police apprehended the man before any weapons were drawn, and have since heightened security at the event. No one was harmed in the arrest.

An article on said, “A woman reported that the man was posting photos of Phoenix police officers from the event on social media. Police immediately responded to take him into custody around noon.”

The photos led officials to believe that the man was specifically targeting officers at the event.Armed Man Arrested at Phoenix Comicon

Authorities said the weapons were not checked at the entrance of Phoenix Comicon, however they believe this was an isolated incident.

There will now be more intensive screening of Comicon attendees this weekend.

Officials are saying that no cosplay weapons will be allowed inside for the remainder of the event.

Prop weapons that are bought from vendors will be accepted as long as they remained sealed.

Officials will confiscate any weapon that is unsealed during the event, and will be strictly enforcing this rule to maintain safety for all.

The amount of police stationed inside and outside of the event will increase over the remainder of Phoenix Comicon.

Officers will be dressed both in standard uniform and in civilian clothes.

The event will continue to run its normal operating hours until Sunday evening.