Enjoy Halloween Festivities at DisneylandIt is no secret that Disneyland is a pretty popular theme park to visit during all times of the year. No matter when heading to the beloved Californian park, there seem to always be crowds. In my opinion, that’s because Disneyland and other Disney parks know exactly how to appease their audiences. One of these successful methods is found in the seasonal park themes, decoration, and attraction alteration. Now that it is the fall season, Disneyland in Anaheim, California has been transformed into a spooky Halloween wonderland.


There are two main attractions that get transformed for the Halloween season at Disneyland, and they are some fan favorites.

Haunted Mansion Holiday:

 The creepy Haunted Mansion ride is transformed from a house of murder to a house of nightmares… before Christmas that is. Jack Skellington and his friends from The Nightmare Before Christmas run rampant through this ride, playing tricks on those who dare to enter. The beauty of this ride is that it graces the public two times a year! So if you happen to miss the ride during the Halloween season, it’ll come back to play for the Christmas season as well!

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy:Enjoy Halloween Festivities at Disneyland

Those who have been to Disneyland in the last year or so know the changes that have occurred to Space Mountain. The last time I visited, it had been upgraded to Hyper Space Mountain, and given a Star Wars makeover. Now that it is Halloween season, the ride gets yet another makeover, being morphed into a spookier adventure temporarily. Either way, the pitch black, highspeed rollercoaster is going to be a blast no matter its look. It is honestly one of my personal favorites!


 Not only are the rides at Disneyland morphed into something new for the Halloween season, but so are certain attractions around the park!

Dia de Los Muertos:

The hispanic holiday Dia de Los Muertos, also know as Day of the Dead, is an “annual celebration to honor the spirits of the dead, observed in Mexico and other Latin American countries on November 1 and 2, concurrently with All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day,” according to Google. I think it is a beautiful celebration, and am pleased that they pay homage to it at Disneyland during October. In the park, Frontierland is transformed with celebratory Dia de Los Muertos activities. From food, to music, to even festive face painting, it can all be enjoyed in Disneyland’s wild west Frontierland for Halloween!

Main Street Pumpkin Festival

As the Disneyland website states, “During Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, take a spirited stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. and see grim grinning pumpkins. They’ve come out to socialize so don’t be afraid to look up: hundreds of one-of-a-kind jack o’ lanterns are on hand to share in a Enjoy Halloween Festivities at Disneylandsupernatural photo op for all your social media spells!”

Characters, Snacks, and More

Halloween-Themed Mascots

Searching for your favorite characters around Disneyland is a substantial part of the fun when visiting the park. This Disney tradition is made even more of a blast during the Halloween season, when characters are dressed in spooky, festive clothes! Plus, if you are lucky and find yourself in the right place at the right time, some extra rare characters may come out to play. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas are a real treat to meet!

Hallo-Treats to Eat

I truly appreciate when theme parks have tasty treats to go along with their seasonal celebrations. All throughout the park are Halloween themed candy apples, cakes, fudge, and more. Some of the restaurants even get in on the fun, serving seasonal specials that are a little spookier than normal, but still delicious!

Memorable Merchandise

One of my favorite ways to cherish a memory is through the memorabilia I buy. Now, I am not a huge frivolous spender… but it is almost a crime to not buy some kind of merchandise from Disneyland before heading home. I actually plan on visiting the park for my birthday right before Halloween this month, and will most definitely splurge on those adorable Halloween Mickey ears! There are tons of options to choose from when buying festive Disney merch. Hats, ears, clothes, jewlry, toys, and more are available to take home to cherish forever and ever.