Short Leash Hotdogs: Not Your Average Hotdog JointAs a huge hotdog fan, I have always been more than happy picking up a juicy Chicago style dog, chile dog, or any hotdog really from a local stand or vendor. I would be absolutely complacent just walking into a Costco or Samsclub, and grabbing a $1.50 dog and drink for lunch. However, it wasn’t until heading into Short Leash this past Friday that I realized hotdogs could be much more gourmet, much fancier, and oh so fantastically delicious.

When walking into Short Leash, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The restaurant was set up in a fashionable cafe/bar style. Open seating, full bar, and little donut pastry shop in the back made up the joint. With peaceful lighting, alternative music in the background, and very friendly service, I was pleased by my surroundings the minute I sat down. Unlike a normal restaurant though, you order at the front of the place, then make your way to a table or the bar.Short Leash Hotdogs: Not Your Average Hotdog Joint

I must say, I was astoundingly impressed when witnessing the menu. To be absolutely honest, I ordered the first hotdog I laid my eyes on. It just so happened to be everything I loved and adored. I ordered the Sunny Premium Dog, which consisted of a chicken dog topped with arugula, pear, prosciutto, goat cheese, and honey wrapped in fluffy Indian naan. Some of their other non-traditional but finger licking dogs include the Bear (peanut butter, smoked gouda, bacon, bbq sauce, and cracker jacks), the Moki (roasted green chiles, sautéed onions, pinto beans, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and a touch mayonnaise with your choice of dog), and the Mac Daddy (A beef dog topped with a three-cheese mac and cheese and vegetable chili, all wrapped in naan) to name a few. So, if you’re a plain hotdog kind of person, I recommend sticking to the regular hotdog stands because Short Leash is anything but ordinary.

What is even more lovely about this restaurant is their wide variety of menu options that cater to those with dietary restrictions. If you live the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or are are gluten intolerant then not to worry. Short Leash has substitutions for those specific needs.

With fancy hotdogs, a variety of tasty sides and salads, and options for the whole family to enjoy, I say give Short Lease a try ASAP. I will never look at a normal hotdog in the same way again. Short Lease has stolen my heart, and replaced it with a beautifully crafted dog!