Many people do not believe in ghosts, which if I’m honest, is completely understandable. The idea of souls wandering the Earth, “haunting” establishments and striking fear in our hearts seems a little bizarre. However, many people do believe in ghosts and in supernatural occurrences that can’t always be explained… I happen to be one of those people.

Just this past Saturday, Halloween night, before leaving for our individual Halloween festivities, a group of friends and I sat outside telling ghost stories of personal experiences with the paranormal. When it finally came for my turn to share a story, I hesitated. People always assume that ghost stories are supposed to be frightening, however, my paranormal experience wasn’t so. Was it a bit alarming? Without doubt it was! Yet, I didn’t think it was “scary” enough to share that evening, so I passed and let the next person share their story.

Ghost LadyI immensely regret not sharing my personal ghost story with the group, because I think it is important for people to share their experiences with one another; you never know what you can learn from someone. Instead, I have decided to share my story with all of you here. Again, it is not a scary ghost story, but one that is interesting and hopefully educational when it comes to ghosts and spirits.

It was the year 2005, and I was a 10-year-old girl in the fourth grade. I don’t remember exactly what time of year it was when I had this paranormal experience, but I remember the weather being colder, meaning it could have been in the fall or winter.

 It was in the early evening when my younger brother Simon and I decided to play video games in his room. We had been playing the game Super Smash Bros Melee for about an hour before we noticed the temperature of the room begin to fall. It soon became so cold that we asked if my mother had turned on the AC and lowered the temperature to something around 60 degrees. We checked the box and saw that the thermostat still said 78 degrees. Thinking nothing of it, we went back to playing or game.

 Soon my mother called us out of the room for dinner. My brother and I paused the game, walked out of his bedroom, and Ghost shadowheaded into the nearest bathroom to wash our hands before we ate. The moment we began to scrub our hands we heard our mother call out,

 “Kids, stop flickering the light in your brother’s room, you are going to burn out the light bulb!”

Confused, we peaked out of the bathroom and reassured her that we weren’t in the bedroom. Assuming something was wrong with the power, we all just went back to what we were doing. After our hands were washed, my brother and I headed to the dining room for dinner. We grabbed our plates and sat down, but before we were able to put any food on our plates, the light in the back of the house began to flicker once again.

“We might have a blackout soon since the lights keep flickering. Go turn the lights and video games off just in case,” my mother told us.

My brother and I got up and rushed back to his room as fast as we could; we were hungry and wanted to eat as soon as possible. We were a few feet away from the doorway when suddenly the door slammed shut in front of us. Both my brother and I screamed and jumped back.

Our mother rushed over, wanting to know what all the commotion was about. We told her what happened and her face went white. Her hand crept towards the door and she slowly cracked it open. She had barely cracked it when the door flew open by itself, we were hit with a cold burst of air, the light switch shot up and down on its own.

 All of our faces turned white as we backed away from the room. Without hesitation my mother grabbed her rosary and said a few prayers out loud. After she was finished there was nothing. The next day our priest came over and blessed the house, just to make sure that whatever mischievous spirit came to visit had moved on from our home.

Till this day, my father doesn’t believe we had a ghost in our house, no matter how many times my mother, brother, and I tell him our story.

This will not be the last ghost story I will tell here on I want to hear from our readers around the valley as well, and retell their stories and experiences with the paranormal. If you have had a supernatural experience you would like to share, email it to, and your story just might be featured as our next paranormal post.