sibling bffs_simon and IThe only life I have ever known is life with a little brother by my side. Even though we are two years apart, I honestly feel as if I have always had a twin, as if we have always been the same soul just in two different bodies. My younger brother Simon has been the one best friend that life has just provided for me. He was a gift that was bestowed upon my family and I.

It brings me the utmost joy to know that my brother and I are not the only “best friend-siblings” out there. There are a plethora of people who consider their brothers and sisters to be their bffs as well. Natasha Nedved, a resident of Tucson, describes her relationship with her older sister Katrina and how their experiences together have brought them closer as sisters.

“All my life, my sister has been my biggest supporter. She has given me some of the greatest advice and has encouraged me to pursue every crazy aspiration that I have had throughout my life. Her happiness is truly my happiness, and I feel so fortunate to not only have her as a sister but as my very best friend as well!”

What is so wonderful about having siblings is that no matter what, even if you and your siblings have a falling out, there is always a reason to mend the relationship with them. They are your family! Granted, there are always exceptions to this mindset. Sometimes if a family member is toxic, cutting them from your life is necessary. However, if you and your sibling have not spoken for a while, you should try to give them another chance. People really do change, and you might find out you have both matured and are ready for a new relationship together. My mother and my Aunt Jen are a prime example of siblings who came back together and became closer than ever.

As children, my mother Kimberly and her older sister Jen consistently fought until their mid twenties. They rarely spoke other than sending their regards for the holidays, since after college my mother moved to the complete other side of the country (not due to their fighting though). Yet, once both ladies got into their late thirties/early forties, they began to talk again and found they had much more in common than when they were younger.

“After reuniting with my sister in New York in 2013, we recognized that we have more in common nowadays than not. We found that we had sibling bffs_familyalways misunderstood each other, and we were quick to anger each other based on our small differences in the past. Currently, we are closer than we have ever been after experiencing a long-needed trip to New Orleans together. I now realize how absolutely precious my older sister is.”

You and your siblings share a special bond, that if nurtured in the right way, goes even deeper than blood. They are the first friend that life offers you, and they are honestly the best companion a person can ever have. If you and your siblings already have a wonderful relationship, work on maintaining that bond. If not, then reach out and let them back into your life. You just might be surprised how your rekindled relationship turns out.