Have you ever had one of those days where practically everything and anything that you do goes wrong some way or another? It’s a day that makes you believe that good luck and fortune have forever left your life and that the universe is out to make you miserable. If you haven’t experienced a day like this yet in your life, then you are either the luckiest person alive, or a complete liar. Unfortunately, I recently experienced one of those spirit crushing, heartbreaking, horrible days where nothing seemed to be going right…

I woke up feeling jittery and a little nauseous, which should have been a sign that nothing good was to come of my day. I spent my morning to early afternoon finishing up some studying for an online exam that was to be taken in the early evening. Once the time Good days and bad dayscame for the exam to be taken, I nervously sat down and began. Five minutes into the test, I knew I was going to be disappointed with the outcome. It had nothing to do with the material that I had studied! As I had predicted, I hadn’t done too well on it. It was the first D- I had ever received in my entire life, and I did not handle it well.

Later that evening, just when I had gotten somewhat past my mini depression from doing so poorly on an important exam, I was on my way to a friend’s birthday party. I had volunteered to be the designated driver for the evening, since I had to be up early to cover an event in the morning anyway. My friends and I arrived early to help set up, and then the party was on its way. I surprisingly enjoyed myself for being the only sober one there, and once the clock had struck 2am, I rounded up my intoxicated friends and made my way to the parking garage to find my car.

We walked around the garage for a good minute and a half before I realized there was a problem. My car was missing. At first I had thought I was just mistaken and must have gone to the wrong floor of the parking garage. After five seconds though, I knew I wasn’t lost or mistaken, and my vehicle that had once been parked in the now empty space in front of me was gone. My entire face went white and my legs began to shake as a string of words I had always feared popped into my head. “My car has been stolen…” IIt Will Be Ok began to panic as I pulled out my phone in preparation to call 911; tears welling up in my eyes. Thank goodness one of my drunk friends, trying to comfort me, suggested that my car might have just been towed instead.

After calling a number listed in the parking garage, I found out that indeed my car had been towed and not stolen. That was good news I suppose, but the fact was, my car was still gone! I called an Uber and had it take my drunk friends home, since I felt responsible as their previous ride, and called myself (and my best friend who accompanied me) an Uber to take us to the towing company so I could rescue my vehicle. After driving around for hours, unable to find the towing company, I just decided to have the Uber driver take us home. At this point it was 5am, and I had to be up by 7am to take photography at a charity Golf Tournament later that morning.

We got back to my place, my friend went to bed, but I decide to stay awake and pull an all nighter (I figured sleeping for only 2 hours wasn’t worth it). You can imagine how exhausted and mentally/physically drained I was from experiencing such an awful day full of bad luck and bad energy. However, once I was actually at the charity event I was covering, outside in the shining sun, with a beautiful breeze blowing through my hair, I realized that I was healthy, alive, and thriving! I remembered that the “awful” things I experienced really weren’t that bad in retrospect to all the horrors that occur in the world every day.

I reflected on my weekend, and compared all my minuscule problems to even worse scenarios that could have occurred. For Don't let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad lifeexample, instead of just getting a D- on one test, I could have been failing all my classes, or even worse, not be able to be in college at all. There are so many people around the world who are deprived of a good education, so I should be lucky that I am able to educate myself freely. When it came to my car getting towed, I should have been thankful! My car could have been stolen instead, which would have been a million times worse.

What I am trying to say, is that everything has a silver lining to it, and sometimes all we have to do is take a step back from our situation, take a deep breath, clear our head, and find the good hidden within the bad. Trust me friends, life could always be so much worse!