It happens to even the best of us. We meet someone who sweeps us off our feet, we date them for a while, eventually fall in love… and if we don’t end up marrying our partner, we break it of with them or vise versa. No matter who breaks off the relationship, both hearts end up broken or in pain in the process. However, when you are the one that gets broken up with, the heartbreak is amplified by 100 percent.

It may be true that the only remedy to a truly broken heart is giving it time to heal on its own. Nonetheless, there are steps people can take to help numb the pain after losing someone they had given their heart to. Although these remedies are only short term, they can highly accelerate the overall healing process, and get you opening up a new chapter of your life in no time.

Ease A Broken Heart_burnTake Your Mind Off It

This remedy may seem obvious, but so many people that go through a rough break up don’t follow this advice. Many people, for some bizarre reason, shut themselves off from the world when in pain. This can honestly only make matters worse. When dealing with a broken heart, getting out of the house and staying active/busy can be the easiest solution. Go to the gym, hang out with friends, shop a little, watch a movie, do karaoke, just do something! Not giving your mind or body time to feel lonely and weak can make a world of difference.

Surround Yourself With Loving People

It was briefly mentioned in the above remedy, but surrounding yourself with people that love and adore you can definitely help take your mind off of being dumped. Spend time with friends and family members who will remind you of why you are so amazing and why they care so much about you. Even a small dose of kind words and gestures of love and affection can lift anyone’s spirits. Plus having a good group of companions to confide in and spend your days with doesn’t sound like a bad idea for anyone.

Connect With NatureEase A Broken Heart_friends

Sometimes placing yourself into the bigger picture can help bring into perspective what is really important. Feel the sunshine on your skin, let the wind blow through your hair, and listen to the natural world move around you. Remember that you are alive and thriving in a world filled with beauty. Think about the struggles that millions of other people around the world have to suffer through every day, and let that remind you of how lucky you truly are. Smell the flowers, lay in the grass, embrace the rain, and enjoy being alive!

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

It can be hard to celebrate your personal victories when all you can focus on is the relationship you lost. It is sadly easier to dwell on a failure than it is to celebrate a success. However, try your very best to not do this! Even the smallest accomplishment is no small feat when accomplishing it with an uneasy heart. Give yourself a big pat on the back and encourage yourself to keep it up and to keep going. Self appreciation is a huge step towards self love, and you can’t love anyone else if you can’t love yourself right?

The biggest thing to remember on your journey of self healing is that you are a strong, capable human being. Your love for yourself is the key to your success, but if you find yourself struggling on your journey, remember that there are people far and near that love you, cherish you, and are willing to support you.

I’ll leave you with some powerful lyrics from the song Dig, by the popular 90’s band, Incubus.

If I turn into another

Dig me up from under what is covering

The better part of me.

Sing this song

Remind me that we’ll always have each other

When everything else is gone.