Moving to a new environment can be challenging, this I know very well. Whether it be a new home, apartment, condo, or dorm, settling into a new living space takes some getting used to. On top of having a new home to settle into, you may be living in a completely different location as well. Even if you have moved to a new city, state, or even a new country, there are always methods to assist you in truly making your home your own.

Bring Pieces of Your Past

Even though you may be moving away from a home where many of your life’s memories had been made, don’t be afraid to pack up those memories and bring them with you! The easiest way to settling into a new living space, in my opinion, is to make it seem as familiar to you as your old environment was. It offers a sense of recognition and security, which allows a person to become comfortable with an environment at a much faster pace.

Decorate With Things You’ve Always Wanted

Decorated Living RoomAlthough it is comforting to have objects from your old home sprawled around your new living space, it is healthy to fill your new home with new objects and furniture that are equally as appealing to you as your items from the past. If your favorite color is blue, maybe buy a blue couch and curtains for your living room. Hang up new pictures or painting that make you smile. If compatible with your personal schedule and new location, you could even buy yourself a new pet to keep as a companion around the house. Even though it is wonderful to hang onto pieces from the past, getting new things to surround yourself with can excite and motivate a person to embrace the new chapter that has opened in their life.

 Get to Know Your Community

Along with bringing remnants from your past and adding new additions to your living space, remember to get out of your new home and meet the people around you! No matter how lovely your new place may be, I believe no one can ever feel truly settled in until they have made positive connections with the people living around them. Unless you are the rare type of person who prefers to live as a lone hermit, making new connections is a crucial part of a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. By getting familiar with your surrounding community you can make new friends to spend time with, gain new colleagues to build a career with, and discover sagely mentors to provide you with wisdom and encouragement. When relationships are built with the people of your community, feeling lonely and out of place become almost impossible feelings.

Know That Home is Where the Heart Is

No matter where you travel in life, no matter where you live or how far you go, always remember the beautiful quote, “Home is Home for Salewhere the heart is.” If you keep the people and things you love close to your heart, you will always feel at home matter where you go. Love can transform and regular living space to your very own personal paradise. Remember that and you’ll never have to worry about settling into a new place again, because when you get there, everything will already be perfect.