Outdoor DoghouseOwning an animal companion is more common than not in today’s day and age. People own cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, other mammals, reptiles, rodents, fish, and amphibians. They live among us in our homes, enjoying a cushy and pampered lifestyle. Sadly however, not all of our animal companions are allowed the luxury of living inside of our homes.

Many animals around the world are kept outside in yards, forbidden from entering the home for one reason or another. However, this isn’t necessarily a terrible thing! Animals were designed to live outdoors; the only problem is making sure that the animal is comfortable in their environment. If you live in a somewhat inhospitable environment such as Arizona, maintaining your pet’s comfort is key to their survival and ultimate enjoyment.

Protected BunnyProvide a Shelter

Whether it be a dog house, shaded cage, a mini pond or any other type of shelter, your animal will need a structure to curl up into for protection. It should provide shade from the heat, warmth from the cold, and security from predators.

Make Food and Water Desirable

Similarly to us humans, our domesticated pets have become picky when it comes to their food and water. They prefer fresh food and cold water, unlike a wild animal that will do whatever it can to survive to the next day. Place your animal’s food in a place where it will be protected from the weather, will be out of the reach of hungry pests, and where it will stay clean.

Keep Their Living Space as Clean as Possible

Animals are messy; this is a fact. Keeping them outside can make them even messier creatures. Try your very best to make their environment as clean as possible. Replace dirt with grass or stone, clean out cages and ponds regularly, and rid your yard of anything that could become harmful, i.e. spiky plants, sharp yard tools, electrical appliances, etc.

Cat and MouseProvide Entertainment

Without you there 24/7, your animal might become bored and unhappy. Offer them with plenty of toys and activities to keep them busy and out of trouble when you are away. You can even provide them another friend to play with.

Microchip or Tag Your Pet

Having an outdoor pet heightens the risk of your animal’s escape from your care. Getting them micro-chipped or tagged places a tracker on your animal so they can be located. Never worry about “Lost Pet” fliers again.

Pug in a PoolGive Them Your Love

The best thing any owner can do for their animal companion is provide them with lots of love. The moment you come home, head outdoors for a few minutes and shower your pet with affection. Do this as many times as possible in your day. You will better your pet’s life substantially by giving a little love here and there.


Keeping your pet comfortable in the unpredictable outdoors isn’t as difficult as it seems. Your animal friends get to experience the natural outdoors while still remaining pampered. In the animal kingdom, I’d say that’s a win/win.