The methods of starting a new relationship have always been shrouded with mystery and confusion. Even though there are millions of “sure-fire” ways to get get a man in your life, not one is proven to work 100% of the time, and that is where the mystery comes to play.  One method of getting 5 Signs That Show He Just Isn’t That Into Youinto a relationship may work for one person, but completely fail another person. The double edged sword that society wields happens to be that not one person is exactly the same. Thus, finding someone to become your significant other can be a difficult thing. Let’s say you have been talking to a guy, and think that down the road he may be boyfriend material. The smart thing to do from that point on is get to know him as well as you can, so if he ever does become your boyfriend you will know his strengths and weaknesses, and know if you two would be compatible in the long run. Sadly though, many women I know have not done this whatsoever! A lot of them haven’t even confirmed if the guy they are after even likes them back… which can obviously be a problem. It is devastating when the guy you have been pursuing so strongly turns out to like you only as a friend, or even a mere acquaintance. So, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 signs that’ll show if your love interest just isn’t that into you! Before you commit your heart to him, make sure he is willing to let you even touch his.

1. He doesn’t reach out to you and doesn’t go out of his way for you.

I have seen so many women throughout my lifetime make excuses for the men they fancy. When he doesn’t call, text, or message them, they just blame it on their love interest being too busy to reach out. Sorry to break it to you ladies, but if a guy has feelings for you then he will find a way to talk to you, no matter what. Even the men who are recluses, who aren’t the biggest communicators, will most definitely go out of their way for the woman they care about. Also, if the guy you are hoping to date never goes out of his way for you, then it means he doesn’t like you as much as you may hope. A man who cares is a man who does! If he likes, or even loves you, he will find every way to show it… you should never have to guess how he feels about you.

2. He Doesn’t Pay Attention To Your Social Media

Not every man uses social media, this is true. However, the majority of people most definitely do partake in online communities. This means that you now have another method to see if your man cares about you. A great way to see if the guy you are chatting with is truly interested in you would be to see if he participates on your social media. Does he like your posts, view your videos, message you, or even comment on your material? If yes, then he clearly is interested enough in you to see what you have been up to. If he is active on social media but doesn’t even respond or participate in your media presence, then face the facts, he just might not care that much.

3. He “Talks” To Multiple Women5 Signs That Show He Just Isn’t That Into You

Alright, when it comes to being with multiple people at once, a man who shares is not a man who truly cares. Granted, there are those men out there who believe in polygamy or in being polyamorist… however, the majority of men usually choose one partner and show them all of their love and affection. Thus, if your guy is participating in multiple relationships at once, he obviously isn’t as “gaga” over you as you may have expected and just isn’t that into you. Don’t play dumb, and don’t be ignorant. If your man doesn’t direct all his love and affection towards you, drop him and go find yourself a man who will.

4. He Calls You “Friend” or “Buddy”

I can’t believe I have to add this one to the list at all, but I seem to have to. There have been too many women I’ve known that try to pursue a relationship with a guy who has clearly no interest in them romantically. To be honest, it is actually painful to watch. Some women are so blind to their emotions and to ideas of “what ifs” that they don’t realize when a guy is throwing out “I don’t want to date you” vibes. Trust me, they are pretty obvious to see. If your potential boyfriend calls you friend and only friend, that’s all you two are going to be.

5. He Never Sweet-Talks You or Compliments You

The last out of the 5 signs, but surely not the least, is if your guy doesn’t sweet-talk you or compliment you. A man in love (or even in lust) will compliment the woman he seeks to be with. This is another fact. An article on paired shared 30 signs that show if your love interest doesn’t like you back. You’ll know he isn’t interested if “his conversation with you is strictly “professional” and revolves around normal things, rather than flirting or teasing,” or if “he talks to you like his sister or mother. His conversation will dwell on normal things, not love or romance.”

Don’t be blind, just pay attention to the signs ladies! It’ll be quite obvious if he just isn’t that into you, trust me. The real challenge is to put your feelings aside and open your eyes.