Dating Safety-online datingGoing out on dates is a big part of a woman’s life. We meet these men/women, spend time with them either in private or in public, and gage whether they could be our next boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or lover. Dates can be magical, joyous, and unforgettable. However, as much as life is filled with the good, it is also riddled with the bad. There are some terrible people out there who try to lure women in to giving them anything from money to physical pleasure, and sometimes, even their life.

As wonderful as getting out into the dating world can be, it can be a  treacherous place that requires great preparation and caution. We women can’t always tell who is a bad person or not right away, but there are precautions we can take when out and about with new dates. Specifically, there are steps a lady can take prior to her date, during her date, and after the date to protect herself from those occasional creepers of the world.

Before the Date Dating Safety-woman texting

There are tons of things a woman can to do prepare both mentally and physically before going on a date with a someone new. Some of these tips might be common sense, but others will have you changing the way you prep for your dates.

Get to Know Your Date a Little: Whether it is in person (with a group of friends/in a public setting), or just over the phone, talk to your date and get a little familiar with them. Don’t do anything rash and unsafe like give out or ask for personal information, but get to know them in a basic, formal way. You can even google your date to get some more information on them! It’s nice to get an idea of who you will be spending time with before actually meeting… plus things will be a little less awkward when you finally meet.

Keep Your Friends Posted: says that it is a pretty good idea to let a friend know what your plans are when heading out on a date with someone new. I agree with this wholeheartedly! Having someone aware of where you are and who you are with is the safest thing to do. If anything goes wrong, you have someone who will be able to back you up and come to the rescue.

Bring a Buddy: If keeping a friend in the loop isn’t enough for you, then you can suggest that you and your date meet with some friends. This ups the amount of protection and backup you have, while also decreasing the amount of pressure you and your date may feel to be alone with each other right away.

Be Independent: When I say this, I mean to have your own method of transportation, bring your own cash, and have a backup plan if things go south. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR NEW DATE FOR ANYTHING. This makes it 100% easier to leave if the date doesn’t turn out the way you planned.

During the Date

Just because you prepared like a madwoman, it does’t mean you are out of the danger zone. Clearly, anything can go wrong when you are actually with your date in person.

Meet In Public: I know I already mentioned this a bit above, but it is an important thing to remember. Until you know your date like the back of your hand, meeting at your or your date’s home, or anywhere private and secluded is a BAD IDEA.

Dating Safety-having drinks 2Never Leave Your Drink Unattended: Yes, this one is an obvious tip, but women out there still seem to do it! If you leave your drink unattended, you are putting yourself at risk of being drugged by your date or even someone else! No one wants to be a victim of date rape, or even worse, part of a death toll statistic.

Don’t Lie: This one caught my attention after reading the article “How to Stay Safe While Dating.” Of course some lies are ok, like not being totally open about where you live or give out any personal information that might compromise your safety, but lies about the person that you are or the life that you live is definitely going to backfire. If your date turns out to be an amazing person who you would like to later get serious with, you might of just blown your chances by lying (unless they are unbelievably understanding). When it comes to safety, if you decide to give you new date another opportunity to go out with you, and they are secretly a psychopath, they could become angry once they discover your lies and possibly hurt you. You never know what could happen.

Bail If the Going Gets Tough: Your date doesn’t look like his picture, or lied about all of his interests? Probably time to bail. Did you find out quickly that your date has a bad attitude, is temperamental, or is a jerk? Get your butt out of there. If any warning signs go off in your head, listen to them. Your instincts can be your true savior.

After the Date

Focus on the Present: Don’t get too caught up in the idea of having a boyfriend/girlfriend that it blinds you from what is right in front of you. I found an article on that backs up my statement completely. It says, “The most important way to date safely and smartly is to not get ahead of yourself.” Yes, your first date may have gone well, and you might be thinking that this person may be the one for you. Well, newsflash, if your date night consisted of you both seeing a movie and then going your separate ways, then you still know nothing about them! Play it safe, and REALLY get to know your date before making any further decisions.

Dating can be such a fun experience if done the right way. The goal is to enjoy yourself as you get to know new people, while staying as safe as possible in the process. Just prepare, be aware, and listen to your instincts!