Microchip That Alerts Your Partner if You Are Cheating- Hoax or Not?There has been some news floating around Facebook the last few months of a small microchip that can sense if your partner is cheating on you. It was explained that the chip can be inserted into a couple’s male and female genitalia, and if there is some sort of activity where the chips are not “meeting up,” then the other partner is alerted of the movement through an app on their phone. Crazy concept right?

I first saw the video a few months ago and laughed uncontrollably, to be honest. I guess because of the high probability of a significant other cheating, this device was inspired by those aiming to curb today’s infidelity. I ended up laughing at the piece of technology because of all the holes in the concept. It just raised so many questions for me:

How accurate could this technology be? How close do the synced microchips have to be to sense each other? What if your partner isn’t cheating on you, but just having some personal “fun time” with themselves? Where would people even go for this procedure? How much would a thing like this cost? How deep beneath the skin is it implanted? Does this device show a deeper rooted problem- society’s fear of accountability and trust in one another?

Is it practical for this day and age?

It’s almost 2017, a time where everyone is hoped to be treated as an equal. This includes the LGBTQ+ community. The microchip device seems to be designed for one male and one female… however, what about those gay and lesbian couples? Would the device operate the same way? (I don’t personally think so.)

Then, if this product was introduced into society, would it be accessible the way different birth controls are? Or because it is not directly related to Microchip That Alerts Your Partner if You Are Cheating- Hoax or Not?physical health, would be sold and inserted through a different market?

Is it even really accurate?

My questions continued, and I started thinking along the lines of accuracy. Would a partner be alerted on their app every time a woman inserted a tampon, or when a man wiped after using the bathroom. And like I mentioned earlier, what if someone gets the alert on their phone that their partner is cheating, when in reality they might just be exploring their own bodies? It would be just like the little boy who cried wolf.

Is it actually a hoax?

After my bombardment of general questions, I decided to do some research into the matter and see the seriousness of this product. The video I first watched about it explained that a company called Commit-Tech was spearheading the product, and that it was being supported by Apple and Microsoft.

Well, it turns out that there is no record of such a company, and no actual confirmation from Apple or Microsoft of their backing of the product. An article on Metro.co.uk is one of the very few sites out there stating the microchip is a hoax. I believe the only reason this rumor spread so quickly is because it is so outrageous to many people out there. And we all know the more heated you can get an individual, the more they will like, comment, and share information on social media (both good and bad information, that is).

Don’t get me wrong, this type of microchipping is a very interesting concept, but a little too controlling for my taste. However, if this is actually developed in the future, I am sure there will be some sort of following and consumer market for it. No one likes a cheater after all.