My Airbnb Adventure- Forgetting Hotels Forever

My Airbnb Adventure- Forgetting Hotels ForeverFinding a place to stay, and a nice one at that, is the crux of any travel to-do list. Before you can book your flight, buy your tickets, or pack up your car, you have to make sure you have a place to lay your head at each rest-stop, and of course at your final destination. As I have come to find over the years traveling with friends and family, hotels aren’t always cheap. Sometimes you luck out and get a decent hotel for like $90-$120 a night. Now that’s nice! However, that isn’t always the case. Usually, a nice hotel/resort can cost $300, $400, or ever $500+ for one night! After years of always having to bargain, or practically having to sell my soul for a decent hotel with a good price, I turned to the latest trend in the hotel chain. About 6 months ago I decided to give Airbnb a try.

I was a little skeptical at first… I wondered just how nice these homes/apartments/condos were, how awkward it must be to stay in a home with the landlord or other tenants present, and just exactly how it all worked. So, I admittedly used my mother as a guinea pig. When her students left for
spring break, so did she. I found her a gorgeous condo right on the Coronado Beach in San Diego, California. Online, the place was chic, modern,My Airbnb Adventure- Forgetting Hotels Forever clean, and extremely welcoming. The view was gorgeous, and the landlord seemed like a cool enough gentleman. So I sent out a request to rent a room for my mother, and within the hour the request was approved and the room was booked. A month later she drove out to San Diego and arrived upon her fancy Airbnb. It was EXACTLY how it appeared to be in the photos.

“From the moment I arrived to the Airbnb, I realized how amazing it was and how out-of-this-world I felt  being there. It isn’t often that a person gets to stay at a million dollar condo overlooking Coronado beach for like $140 a night.”

Once she returned home and told me of her phenomenal experience, I knew I had to try out an Airbnb myself.

Flash forward five months later, and my mother and I book an Airbnb in Falmouth, Massachusetts for summer vacation and to visit my brother at a summer opera camp in the area. All of the hotels around Falmouth were priced at about $400+ a night, and were not budging in price. After a little bit of research online though, we found an Airbnb right down the street from the opera camp for only $120 a night! My mother and I rented a room in a gorgeous two story, Cape Cod themed home. The host Dave was spectacular and very trusting. Although we only paid to use one room and bathroom, we had access to the entire home. There were two living rooms, a kitchen, a My Airbnb Adventure- Forgetting Hotels Foreverfridge full of wine, a second bathroom, a gorgeous outdoor deck, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a garage full of bicycles to out disposal.

We stayed in that home for four days and three nights, and I swear it felt as if I was in a five start bed and breakfast. There was not one second of my trip where my mother and I were uncomfortable in any way.

With two amazingly successful trips to two completely different Airbnb’s across the country from one another,  I can confidently say that I will forever book with Airbnb for my travel needs! Not only is it cheaper, but it is more intimate, comfortable, and authentic. Book for yourself and enjoy!