Apartemnts Not Recycling_home binsYou would think that in 2016, every single inhabited place in America would have recycling options for those that live there. However, this isn’t the case in many cities. Phoenix, for example, has almost too many places that do not offer recycling to residents. This is sadly due to an ordinance that was passed decades ago, stating that the city is prohibited from picking up recycling at most residential  or commercial buildings. According to Change.org, even though Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States, it has one of the lowest waste diversion rates in the nation. So far, the city officials haven’t done much as of yet to change this disappointed statistic.

Apartments, specifically, are a big part of the problem. Without being offered the option to recycle parts of their waste, residents find it easier to just toss their recyclables in with their normal waste. Tiana Bass, a resident of the Accolade Apartments in Phoenix says, “I don’t have a recycling bin and I think it is very disappointing because you would think at a big complex there would be recycling options. My appartments are a part of  the Weinder Apartment properties, and I don’t believe any of their places recycle at all… which they should. Even though I don’t have my own recycling bin, I would like to start recycling on my own to do my part. ”

Although Phoenix area residents are working on having the outdated ordinance changed, it may still be some time before these apartments all have recycling options.

It may be difficult to recycle when your place of residence does not recycle, but it is not impossible to take the initiative and “go green”on your own. greenUPGRADER, an online website dedicated to promoting a “green” life style wrote and article offering some ways apartment dwellers can recycle on their own.

3 Ways to Recycle in Apartments that Don’t Offer It, According to greenUPGRADER:

  • Mooch off of Others: Although this may sound initially bad, it really is a great idea. If you have friends, family, or co-workers nearby that live in places that offer recycling, ask if you can throw your recyclables in their bin. As long as you are courteous when being on their property and when using their bin, everything should work out just fine.
  • Find Your Local Recycling Center: If the idea of using another person’s recycling bin doesn’t sound like something you would be up for, you can always accumulate your recyclables, then head to the closest recycling center and dispose of it there. It may be a bit of a hassle, but atApartments Not Recycling_bins least you are still doing your part to help mother Earth. Plus, who says you have to give up being eco-friendly just because your apartment isn’t?
  • Team Up With People In Your Same Situation: Running over to the recycling center every couple of days might seem too time consuming and tedious to you. So, teaming up with people in your same complex and making plans to switch off on recycle duties sounds like a good plan right? You and your group can switch off weeks and create a system so that you all take turns properly disposing of your recyclables. That way, depending on how many people you have in the group, you’ll only have to travel to a recycling center one or twice a month!