Tecnology Obsessed-group selfieTechnology is all around us, everywhere we look. It is now the year 2016, and everything is “smart.” We have smart phones, smart televisions, smart cars, smart watches, so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, it is amazing having such advanced technologies available at our fingertips, but have we become just a little too obsessed?

The other night it hit me that technology has completely engulfed our lives. My family and I had gone out to eat together, something we hadn’t done together in a while. It was supposed to be a great night of parents and children catching up, talking, and enjoying good food. What I had noticed though, was for the majority of the evening, my parents and brother were on their phones. Dad and brother were separately watching youtube videos with their headphones in, and mom was playing some app on her phone. Even I had been drawn into the technological world, as I Technology Obsessed-little girlchecked my social media pages while waiting for our meal. My family happens to be a very close knit and social one, and even we were engulfed by our tech. I looked around the restaurant to see if we were the only ones absorbed in our digital world… and was I shocked at what I saw. Almost every single person was on some digital device in the restaurant! Adults had out their phones, children had tablets or game devices, and faces everywhere were being lit up by screens.

It is becoming ridiculous how often we are “plugged in.” Now again, don’t get me wrong, technology is beyond important. This is a fact I know very well. I just wish that the public would scale it back a little. Conversations are being replaced with status updates, every second of every day is being recorded and uploaded, and people are forgetting how to communicate face to face.

Here are some of the most ridiculous things I have heard recently due to the public’s obsession with their tech:

  • “If we don’t snapchat a pic of our food, did we really even eat it?”
  • “I could’t even imagine going on a road trip with my family in a car that didn’t have tv’s.”Technology Obsessed
  • “Do it for the vine!”
  • “You don’t use GPS? How do you ever know where you are going?”
  • “I don’t have anyone’s phone numbers memorized, they are all saved in my phone. I don’t even know my parents’ numbers haha.”
  • “I asked her out over Facebook.”
  • “I’ve never sent a letter in my life. Why would I when there’s email?”
  • “When I saw that my date didn’t own a smartphone I literally almost left.”

It is completely alright to be tech-savvy, especially in the world that we live in today. You almost have to be plugged in somewhere. The only thing I wish society would remember is that there is life beyond our phones, television shows, and social media pages. Human interaction and technology-free experiences are out there, we just have to remember to unplug ourselves once in a while and go be free.