I tuned into KTAR, 92.3  in the car the other day to catch up on my news while heading to work, and was completely astonished at what I heard from the broadcaster Bruce St. James. I listened, glued to his every word as he explained that the U.S. military is currently working on creating drones that can move and think on their own. And the majority of these drones will be armed with weapons!

Animatronic drones, armed and unarmed, have been used by the U.S. government and military for a few years now. The website alternate.org explains that these machines are “flying robots remotely operated by pilots thousands of miles away, allowing soldiers to spy, survey, and obliterate the so-called enemy at the press of a button.” The key phase in their explanation though, is that theses drones are OPERATED BY PILOTS. The new and improved drones, estimated to be up and running in a decade from now, will be operated by none other than their own artificial intelligence.

AI, to me, is a blessing and a curse at the same time. While one of the key arguments to the usefulness of these drones is the fact that they can process and make split second decisions more accurately than any human ever could, these robots will now have human lives in their hands New Drones That Are Armed and Can Think For Themselves!?(whether they are the enemy’s lives or not). Technology has been known to make mistakes, catch viruses, and miscalculate. While on the hunt for a certain terrorist, using face recognition technology, what if something happens and the wrong person is killed? Those have been some of my initial thoughts/fears.

I mean, sure, taking innocent lives happens all the time in the regular world with regular military operatives… but if a drone takes an innocent life, where do we go from there? Another concern that has made itself present in many discussions on these robots is the question, “What if they turn on us?” The world has seen too many movies; Terminator, I, Robot, and even Star Wars for example, to not have a fear about robots finding us unfit, and ultimately taking over.

AI drones could subsequently become very useful, and save many American lives out on the battle field and during missions. But is the world really ready for drones with guns and possibly bombs thinking on their own? Shouldn’t some say on their actions, during their actions, be given to their human creators- those with emotional understandings and instincts that a robot will never posses?

How do you feel about having these new drones out and about in the world, in our very own country even? Comment below and let SmartFem.com know what your comfort level is when it comes to these new drones.