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Upgrading to the iPhone 7The iPhone 7 isn’t anything too new. With its release in September of 2016, millions of people have purchased their own so far. Me, being late to the party, recently purchased my iPhone 7S Plus a week ago. And oddly enough, I was originally against the idea of purchasing the iPhone 7 at all.

Upon its release, I wasn’t  extremely impressed. Aesthetically, it looked almost identical to the iPhone 6. What was so different from, say, an iPhone 6S Plus to an iPhone 7S Plus? The major differences on the outside of the phone were upsetting to me. The iPhone 7 came with new updates: no more headphone jack and no more home “button.”

Other than the new duel camera on the back, I was more irritated than impressed with the updates. And don’t even get me started on the colors. Gold, rose gold, and silver weren’t anything knew, but the new black and jet black? Are you kidding me? They got rid of space gray for those? They couldn’t have added a bronze or white? Something than two other versions of the same color?

The only thing other than the cameras that impressed me about the new phones were the fact that the storage increased dramatically. Apple dropped the 16gb and 64gb storage options and offered phones in 32gb, 128gb, and even 256gb. I Upgrading to the iPhone 7appreciated the small, medium, large scale option.

Ok, I can hear you now, “If you hated the iPhone 7 so much, why did you buy it then?” I’ll tell you why, because it was more convenient at the time… and you know what? It was a blessing in disguise!  The AT&T I went to didn’t have an iPhone 6S Plus with the color and corresponding storage space that I wanted (even though I called ahead and was told they were carrying what I wanted). So, to save myself the pain of driving to another store, the store offered me the iPhone 7S Plus with the color I wanted and an even larger storage space than before for only $10ish dollars more. There was no arguing, so I took it!

Anyway, after taking my sparkling new phone home, I learned quickly to love my device. The camera quality was astonishing, taking pictures almost as crisp as my new Canon DSLR camera did! I even started to enjoy not having an actual home button to press. The iPhone 7 still allows you to push down and feel some type of “click.” But the speed it unlocks with just fingerprint recognition makes it so that you rarely have to use the home button to open the phone at all.

On top of the basic changes I explained earlier (camera, headphone jack, storage, color), here are some other pros and cons of the iPhone 7:

Other iPhone 7 Pros

  • Increased water resistance
  • A10 Fusion processor
  • Extended battery life
  • horizontal and vertical home screen
  • Upgraded and brighter displaysUpgrading to the iPhone 7
  • Adapter for old headphone jack (comes with the phone, conveniently)

Other iPhone 7 Cons

  • Cannot listen to headphones and charge at same time (unless you get bluetooth headphones)
  • Jet black scuffs and scratches easily
  • “Hey Siri” voice activation is finicky (at least for me it is)

Overall, however, I absolutely love my new phone and am glad that Apple proved me wrong. Do you own any of the iPhone 7 phones? If so, do you agree with my review, or not at all? Or if you are an Android user, let us know why the Android is better than the iPhone in the comments below!