millennials traveling_two girls and luggageThe millennials are a generation that is said to have life handed to them. They have everything at their fingertips and live in a world where almost anything is possible, with everything occurring in the blink of an eye. People from older generations, like the baby boomers, are constantly having to remind the millennial generation of all the things they take for granted. They remind us that in their past, they only had the most basic technology, if any at all. They remind us that everything took much longer to accomplish, and the world was quite a different place. However, not everything has been so easy for this young generation. I am personally a part of the millennial generation, and let me tell you, we have quite a few challenges presented to us. One difficulty we face on a regular basis is adversity when attempting to travel on our own.

Back in the day, everything was legal to do once you were the age of 18. After a person turned 18 years old, the world became their oyster. Nowadays, even after turning 18, being an independent young adult isn’t so simple. This applies to traveling as a young adult as well. Even though you are legally seen as an adult by the age of 18, many acts cannot be accomplished until the age of 21, or in some situations, people are fined to do certain things until the age of 25.

Let’s say a 19 year old wanted to take a trip with friend their similar age. Although they could legally travel on their own at that age, arriving at their destination would only be half the battle. What if they were expecting to rent a hotel, or even rent a car? If these young adults were traveling in the United States, they might face some difficulties. Quite a few states require citizens to be 21 and up to rent a hotel room and 21-24 years old to rent a car for an extra fee! National Car Rental Support states that “The minimum age to rent vehicle is 21 years of age” with the exception of a few states. This site also explains that “a ‘Young Renter Fee’ may be applied to your rental if you are between the ages of 21 and 24. These fees start at about $20 dollars a day and can range up to $50 or more. That can get a little pricey if you need to rent a car for more than a day or two.

Even tough millennials are always being picked on for having a convenient life, people need to remember that with these conveniences also comes more restrictions. When it comes to traveling on their own, sometimes millennials have the most difficult time out of them all.