San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area- A Green WonderlandDown past the rustic yet suburban city of Tucson lies an Arizonan gem of a city, Sierra Vista. On a recent trip to the San Pedro House, a bird sanctuary just off of the San Pedro River, I fell in love with the lush, green land around me. I then came to discover that the beautiful land I was admiring so deeply was full of so much life because it was a nationally protected conservation reserve.  If you find yourself in Southeastern Arizona any time soon, I highly recommend you pay a visit to the beautiful San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, and here’s why.

You can get up close and personal with hummingbirds.

An organization that uses the San Pedro House as a home for their personal hummingbird events is the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory. This organization studies the health and migration patterns of hummingbirds. What is so cool about this organization is that they allow the public to come observe as they capture and study these birds. They even allow visitors to hold the hummingbirds that are caught, and assist in their release. I got the opportunity to get up close photographs of these little birds, as well as hold a live hummingbird. It was spectacular!

There are all types of walks you can go on.San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area- A Green Wonderland

From river walks, bird walks, and history walks… there are plenty of “walks” you can go on while visiting the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area (man that really is a mouthful). According to the conservation area’s website, there are 32 species of mammals, dozens of reptiles and amphibians, and about 350 different species of birds that can be seen there. These walks take you on adventures up and down the river, showcasing the vibrant beauty of the landscape. The conservation area, being an absolute wild spectacle, was actually deemed one of the Last Great Places by The Nature Conservancy.

It’s a birder’s paradise.

As I mentioned above, the San Pedro is home to over 350 species of birds. About 100 of these birds are breeding birds that nest in the area, and the other 250 are migratory/wintering birds. While traversing through the wetlands, walking through the forest, or just visiting the San Pedro House, you are bound to at least see more than 10 different species of birds.

For more information on the  gorgeous San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area in Sierra Vista, head to their personal website. I promise you, this place is a green wonderland that you and the family will not want to miss! Take time to vacation to Arizona’s true secret treasure.