Author: Deb Lapmardo

Wine Doesn’t Have to Make You Fat

“I can’t drink wine — it’ll make me fat.” Really? The good news for all you wine lovers out there is that “it ain’t necessarily so.” While wine has calories, dry wine is low-carb and totally free of fat. So why do we think our favorite beverage will pack on the pounds? Here’s a quick video take on the wine/fat debate:  Now let me add some recent research. A study of 19,000 women showed that moderate wine drinkers were less obese as they aged than non-drinkers. Good news! But every wine lover knows that junk food looks pretty good...

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Go Wild With Bubbles This New Year’s Eve

Hoisting the same old toast at midnight is about as much fun as watching those once-famous celebrities count down the Big Ball in Times Square. This New Year’s Eve, shake things up with a new take on holiday cheer. First things first — get your fun on by getting your budget in line. Choose thrifty sparkling wines that will be just as enjoyable as the expensive stuff, to all but a few wine snobs (and they’re no fun at a party, anyway). Just walk right past the “champagne” aisle at your wine store: true champagne, while elegant and sophisticated,...

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Treat Yourself to the Best Reward

Think about this: how do you motivate yourself to finish that boring assignment at work, or tackle that nasty chore at home? Do you promise yourself a yummy treat? New shoes or a handbag? Some drinks at the bar with your friends? We all, subconsciously or not, motivate ourselves to perform and achieve by promising ourselves some kind of reward. And that’s not a bad thing! It helps encourage productive behavior and adds a little fun to our lives. But let’s look at those rewards. Food is the go-to for many of us, perhaps because we heard as children,...

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Make Your Safe Haven Safe Again-Throw Out the Toxic

There are plenty of things in our environment that can kill us, some quickly and some more insidiously. Among the easiest to spot and eliminate are the toxins that leak out of our plastic kitchen “stuff” and contaminate the food and beverages we ingest every day. Our babies and children are particularly vulnerable to toxins such as BPA, PVC and Phthlates, which are used to manufacture food storage containers, water bottles, cooking implements, toys and even baby bottles. If those hard-to-pronounce chemical names don’t seem very scary, their side effects sure are. These chemicals are “Endocrine Disrupters,” which can...

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Join the Frose Frenzy!

Frose, the delicious frozen Rose wine slushy! Of course! It’s a frozen Rose wine slushy! Why didn’t someone invent this sooner? If they had, I would have been enjoying this long before now. After all, what’s not to like about an awesome adult beverage combined with one of our favorite childhood comfort “foods?” It seems that a bar in New York created a frozen cocktail with pink wine, lemon juice and sugar, and it caught on fast. The Frose frenzy is now trending like crazy in bars and bistros on several continents. Better yet, a Google search will turn up...

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Aspen, Colorado – Not Just Another Pretty Face

Aspen is the spirit of the Old West colliding with 21st Century luxury. The town began life as a rough and tumble silver mining camp, with far more saloons than churches, and a population of immigrants and adventurers out to strike it rich. A few did and most didn’t, but the entire town fell on hard times when the bottom fell out of the silver market. It didn’t revive until half a century later, when a wealthy businessman saw Aspen’s potential as an upscale ski resort and cultural oasis in the Rocky Mountains. The adventurers still flock to Aspen,...

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