Lea on SmartFemLea Woodford – Founder and CEO of SmartFem

Lea Woodford is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of SmartFem.com and SmartFem Entertainment.  SmartFem was created as a result of her many years as a Publicist, columnist as well as a Radio & TV Personality.  She has extensive experience as a business consultant and entrepreneur but decided the only way she could make a difference for women was to create her own magazine that bridges the online community with the local community.  Her passion is connecting people.  Lea is often coined “ the connector “ due to her extensive network.  Lea is passionate about working with young professionals and SmartFem has helped launch the careers of several young journalism interns from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School.

Lea on the go: When Lea is not working she is spending time with her husband and co-founder Paul and their miniature schnauzer Abby.  They take daily walks and talk about current events and even politics.  Her favorite past time is to jump on a plane with Paul and Abby for a quick weekend getaway to places such as the beach, Flagstaff or even Vegas.


Paul Woodford - Digital Asset PlanningPaul Woodford – Co-Founder and CTO -Managing Editor

Paul Woodford is the Chief Technology Officer and Managing Editor of SmartFem.com and SmartFem Entertainment.  Paul’s passion for technology led him to create and design SmartFem magazine.  Running the company has enabled Paul to tap into his passion for videography as well as photography.  In addition to filming SmartFem Entertainment segments he has filmed commercials and marketing pieces for Alice Cooper, Patrick Peterson, Superstition Springs Lexus, and many other businesses and non-profits in the valley.

Paul on the go: When Paul isn’t behind a camera or a computer screen he can be found in the cockpit of an airplane.  Paul is a former airline captain and still enjoys his time flying.


Amber on SmartFemAmber  Kahwaji – Associate Editor, Contributing Reporter

Amber Kahwaji is an associate editor and contributing reporter at SmartFem.com. Amber provides daily content for SmartFem’s online magazine as well as hosting various events for SmartFem Television. A graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Amber has used her knowledge and skills to help merge traditional journalism with today’s everyday lifestyle stories, creating fun yet informative articles for SmartFem readers.

Amber on the go: When not busy at her writer’s desk, Amber’s passions include going to the theatre and working as a professional commercial actress. A die-hard fan of films and old Hollywood, Amber loves to get lost in classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Casablanca.


Kristiana on SmartFemKristiana Faddoul – Associate Editor, Writer

Kristiana Faddoul joined SmartFem.com in July of 2015 in hopes of expanding her experience in the world of print journalism and magazine writing. Some of her responsibilities at SmartFem.com include content producing, editing, interviewing, and taking photography for the magazine. Kristiana is currently an undergraduate broadcast major at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the Arizona State University. She plans to take the wildlife route of journalism, and one day work for Animal Planet, Discovery Communications, National Geographic, etc. as a videographer or producer. Kristiana strives to make her writing both entertaining and educational, hoping to really bring her environmental education to the surface along with the multitude of topics she covers.

Kristiana on the go: In her spare time, Kristiana can be found giving tours or hosting events at the Walter Cronkite School. When she isn’t involved in her journalism, Kristiana relaxes in her room playing video games, heads out with her friends and boyfriend on the town, and acts in plays and musicals around the valley. She is a secret nerd who loves adventure.


Meghan Woodford graphics and web designerMeg Woodford – Graphics and Design

Meg Woodford is a passionate and detail oriented graphics artist with a flair for original and unique design.  A computer science student and part time robot designer, Meg understands that artistic creativity is the cornerstone of good software design.

Meg is an entrepreneur in her own right and claims to have the best pet sitting business in the valley.  Her website, meghanwoodford.com is of her own design and keeps her busy between classes, work and her hobbies.

Meg on the go: If you can’t find Meg working diligently behind a computer or caring for animals, you may have to go to the Sierra Nevada wilderness to find her camping or hiking far beyond mobile phone reception.


Quinn Snyder – Account Manager – Writer

Quinn Snyder is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in journalism and strategic communication from Northern Arizona University. Quinn is SmartFem’s social media guru and resident foodie.  Quinn aspires to work in the news industry as a print journalist or just continue writing about her love of food and restaurants.

Quinn on the go: When Quinn isn’t attending school in Flagstaff, Arizona she is in central Phoenix with her friends and family. You can find her exploring the valley for restaurant gems, hanging around her family’s restaurant, Scott’s Generations, or waiting for a delicious cup of her guilty pleasure, Dutch Bros Coffee.



Keane Capello of Phoenix ArizonaKeane Capello – Lead Videographer and Video Editor

Keane Capello serves as lead videographer and editor at SmartFem productions, ensuring that SmartFem Entertainment TV, commercials, marketing and event videos are engaging and exciting for clients and for our viewing audience.  He has worked with multiple production companies in the Phoenix area before coming to SmartFem. In addition to shooting and editing , he is also the director for SmartFem Entertainment TV.  Keane’s passion is seeing a project from start to finish and to be able to bring ideas into reality.  Keane graduated from Arizona State University in 2012.

Keane on the go: When Keane isn’t in an editing studio or looking behind a camera lens he is traveling, spending time with friends and family.