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Voluma, the next fountain of youth?

Voluma, the next fountain of youth? 5.00/5 1 vote

Does the fountain of youth really exist? It could be that it may come in a little syringe of Voluma.  It is difficult to be a woman over the age of forty, since society and the media tend to focus on youth.  Women are always judged more harshly when it comes to appearance. Throw in the fact that you may be in the public eye frequently as I am. I, like every other woman in the world am looking to find the secret to looking and feeling good in ways that are not too expensive and or too extreme.

womanwithneedleHaving gone under the knife due to extreme skin cancer, I am not one who would elect to go under again after my last surgery. However, I am looking for new procedures that require no down time and will not require a second mortgage on my house.

We have all heard about the liquid facelift, but I wanted to find out more. Recently Allergan, the manufacturers of Juvederm and Botox, has created a new product called Voluma. Voluma is used for volume replacement and restoration. As we get older our face begins to hollow and flatten, but with Voluma the skin is plumped up and its fullness is restored. Voluma is a safe biodegradable gel that is meant to lift the cheeks and muscles so that the skin drapes more beautifully, reducing the look of sagging skin.  Voluma has been approved by the FDA and has been reported to last for up to two years, according to its manufacturers.

Looking your best is a full-time job these days, and I am excited to see that there are so many alternatives to plastic surgery. I should also mention that while plastic surgery does tighten the skin, it doesn’t create fullness or volume. So you would need to add a filler such as Voluma anyway. So why not just start there and figure out if you still need plastic surgery.

A Supreme Evening at the Lazy B Ranch

A Supreme Evening at the Lazy B Ranch 5.00/5 2 votes

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor_340

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

The Sixth annual Supreme Evening was held on Friday April 4th at the Montelucia Resort and Spa. The event was chaired by Tracy Bame and Kari Yatkowksi while the honorary chairman was Jerry Hirsch. The Evening at the Lazy B Ranch is a tribute to the childhood ranch of retired United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Justice O’Connor stated that the vision of the O’Connor house is to re-create a place that will be a center for problem-solving and bringing together groups with divergent views.

The O’Connor house is used to facilitate collaboration, constructive dialog and bring important issues to the table such as reducing domestic violence, greater legal services to victims, combating sexual exploitation of children and improving low voter turnout in Arizona.

Tracey Bame and Kari Yatkowski

Event co-chairs Tracey Bame and Kari Yatkowski

The evening was a who’s who and many of the valley’s A-listers were in attendance. Also seating next to Justice O’Connor was our own Governor Jan Brewer.

The décor and table decorations were something right out of the Wild West. Those in attendance adorned their best country and western attire. Executive Chef Michael Cairns cooked up some fabulous cowboy chow to stay

Guests were treated to entertainment by Tucson’s Andy Hershey and the O’Connor Boys as they enjoyed dinner and dancing.

Foothills Printing and Promotional Products

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Foothills Printing and Promotional Products 5.00/5 2 votes

Lea Haben SmartFemSmartFem publisher Lea Haben recommends Foothills Printing of Phoenix and has worked closely with owner and founder Sal Porrazzo.

“When you have as many irons in the fire as I do, you need a Printing Company in Phoenix you can rely on to do the job right every time.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Sal and Aaron Porrozzo of Foothills Printing as they always deliver on time, no hassle and at a price that won’t break the bank!  That is why Foothills Printing of Phoenix is SmartFem Recommended!

Foothills Printing and Promotional Products of Phoenix Arizona

Being in the printing industry for over 26 years, I realize customer serviceand quality products are of the utmost importance to our customers. This experience also gives us the knowledge to provide our customers with solutions that really work.
“I am Proud to say we Excel in All Three Areas.”

Quality Products
We do not own or operate printing presses but work directly with trade printers nationwide. These trade shops work only with retail printshops and brokers and give them substantial discounts. This gives you a high quality product at a very competitive price with on time delivery.
“This also gives us access to an endless variety of printed products.”

We work for you
We not only do the shopping for the best products at the best price, we also show you how to get the best out of your printing dollar. We set up the artwork, keep complete records of all your printing, production, cost and revisions.
“No matter what your printing needs are, we have a source thatspecializes in that product.”

No Hassle Print Buying
We provide personal attention to our clients. We do our best to make purchasing your printing as easy on you as possible.
“I believe that good business relationships help everyone involved, and that is what we strive for.”

“We offer excellent Customer Service and Quality. You have my word on it.”
Sal Porrazzo

Foothills Printing and Promotional Products of Phoenix Arizona Flyer imageFoothills Printing and Promotional Products of Phoenix Arizona Flyer.pdf

How Healthy Is Your Golden, Bronzed Skin?

How Healthy Is Your Golden, Bronzed Skin? 5.00/5 4 votes

Just in time for summer, self-tanner Sexy Stems actually delivers what it promises! Finally, there is an organic firming self-tanner with anti-cellulite properties that doesn’t dry your skin out or have an odor.


As a skin cancer survivor, I must be careful with not only the sun, but also with cosmetics. Many of the cosmetics currently on the market, such as self-tanners, are filled with unhealthy carcinogens. At last, my life long quest for a healthy bronzed glow is finally over.

I am usually very enthusiastic when it comes to trying new organic skincare products, but I must admit I was afraid to get my hopes up when it came to an organic self-tanner. I have spent hundreds of dollars on a drawer full of empty promises. I thought that my white pasty legs were just going to have to be something that I would have to learn to live with. Hollywood has always portrayed sexy women as tall, tanned and blonde running on the beach. Meanwhile, here I am short in stature and with white pasty legs.

I have never been a tannorexic… and my claustrophobia would prohibit me from ever slipping into one of those cancer-causing tanning beds.  I am also one who burns and freckles easily, so what is the point? I have tried every spray-on tan or self-tanner on the market without any success up until now.  The problem for me has always been the overpowering odor caused or the unpredictable skin color.  I was ecstatic to find out that Sexy Stems delivers a beautiful tan without the horrible scent that is always associated with self-tanners.

Being on camera and always in the public eye has been a bit tough for me with my white pasty legs, but now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I am also thrilled to let you know that in addition to the great tan that has lasted for five days without a reapplication also contains generous amounts of caffeine and green tea which tightens skin and reduces the look of cellulite.

Summer is just around the corner, so why not place your order for a tube right now to get you ready for the beach.  You can find out more about Sexy Stems at

Pampering Yourself…On a Budget

Pampering Yourself…On a Budget 5.00/5 2 votes

Lea Haben SmartFemSmartFem publisher Lea Haben visits with Marlena Krueger of Body Beautiful Spa in Phoenix and shares her experience and recommendations for treating yourself.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a Facebook friend in person, Marlena Krueger of Body Beautiful Spa.  We have been following each other for a while and decided we needed to actually meet.

Body Beautiful Spa_585I love my job but… it still can be a bit overwhelming at times. Are you are like me? Do you have multiple windows open on your laptop, countless emails to respond to and you are still trying to have your morning coffee before it gets too cold?  It sounds like we both need and deserve a break to pamper ourselves.

Marlena’s Body Beautiful Spa was a pleasant surprise. I can actually afford to pamper myself for a change and not have to go in debt to visit her day spa.   I was impressed with her membership program and all of the different things that she offers for only 49.00 a month which can be less than the cost of lunch and a cocktail.  She was also recently voted the best Day Spa in the valley!

I have decided this year I am going to be a little selfish and start taking a little better care of myself.  With these kinds of prices I can make a day of it and even invite a couple of my busy girlfriends.

Look at some of what is offered on Marlena’s 49.00 a month membership…

  • bodybeautifulspa50 minute Swedish Aromatherapy Massage
  • 50 minute Signature Facial
  • 15 minutes of Laser Hair Removal Anywhere
  • Lactic Exfoliating Peel (Your choice of face, décolleté or arms)
  • Express Dermabrasion
  • Signature Manicure and Signature Pedicure
  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Reflexology Pedicure

Located just two lights south of Biltmore Fashion Park on the Southeast corner of 24th Street & Campbell.  602-522-9222

As women we are always taking care of others. As a reward why don’t you join me and take a little time out for yourself with my friend Marlena Krueger at Body Beautiful Spa.  There are no sign up fees and you can treat yourself monthly. Why not? Aren’t you worth it?



An afternoon with Elizabeth Smart

An afternoon with Elizabeth Smart 5.00/5 3 votes

Lea Haben SmartFemSmartFem publisher Lea Haben attends the 12th Annual Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon and writes about her experience sharing a table with keynote speaker Elizabeth Smart during the Florence Crittenton fundraiser.

I love my job as a writer and journalist but sometimes I find it intense and painful to witness especially when children have been involved. My heart is forever broken when it comes to JonBenét Ramsey, Polly Klass, Adam Walsh and countless other children who have been the victims of such senseless violence. The Elizabeth Smart abduction really affected me in 2002 as I have a daughter about the same age. At age 14, Elizabeth was only three years older when she was taken from the presumed safety of her bedroom.  I remember praying for her safe return and I spent many nights thinking about her poor family and the agony they must have felt. The search for Elizabeth went on for nine months and we were all so relieved when she was found and safely returned to her family.

Elizabeth Smart presents an emotionally charged Keynote

Elizabeth Smart presents an emotionally charged Keynote

I recently had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth and see her speak at the Florence Crittenton Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon this week.  I also had the privilege to talk to her for a few minutes as I sat at her table.

At times it was difficult to listen to Elizabeth speak as she described her abduction from her family home on June 5th in 2002.  We’ve heard the story in the news but coming from Elizabeth directly was so different.  My heart stopped when she described that her little sister was sleeping in the same room and although Elizabeth knew she was left sleeping she wasn’t sure if the rest of her family was even alive.

The news and media gave us all the facts but hearing Elizabeth personally describe her recollection of the horrific circumstances made it all too real for us as we listened intently. In person Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman well beyond her years.  Her choice to use her experience to help others is very inspiring and quite brave in my opinion.

Elizabeth Smart_My Story_300Elizabeth has penned her memoir; a book called My Story in 2013 with Chris Stewart, a bestselling and award winning author, and has also become an activist. In 2006 she went to Congress to support the sexual predator legislation for the AMBER Alert system and in July of 2006 Elizabeth spoke as the Adam Walsh Act was signed into law. Since then Elizabeth Smart continues to speak publicly and support victims of crimes and other issues involving women and children.

Elizabeth Smart photo op with SmartFem staff writer Elizabeth Leon (center) and Hope Award Recipient, Derek Clark

Elizabeth Smart photo op with SmartFem staff writer Elizabeth Leon (center) and Hope Award Recipient, Derek Clark

Elizabeth Smart has spoken on human trafficking at Johns Hopkins University and fights for individual self-worth. Last month she testified before the Utah State House of Representative in favor of HB 286, a bill that would create a non-mandated curriculum for use in Utah schools to provide training on sexual abuse prevention.

On a personal note Elizabeth is happily married to Mathew Gilmour, a native of Scotland she met while serving as a missionary in Paris, France.

What I really enjoyed about meeting Elizabeth is that she has used her heart-breaking story to become a champion for others.  She is a smart beautiful young woman who will touch everyone who comes in contact with her. I expect we will see more great things from Elizabeth Smart.

Glitz, Glamour and Furs…Oh my!

Glitz, Glamour and Furs…Oh my! 4.50/5 4 votes

Oscar Experience Night 2014-Phoenix_oh My_300The residents of the valley rocked the red carpet this weekend at the 2014 Oscar Experience black tie event hosted at the Ritz Carlton Phoenix.  Dressed in sequined gowns and arriving in limos as they entered the event looking like Hollywood movie stars. Glitz, Glamour and Furs…Oh my!

The Oscar Experience evening was elegant and fun filled.  Rolf’s Salon style lounge was there to ensure that everyone was ready for their close-ups.  The event was attended by Phoenix’s A-listers. ABC15 was the television partner for the evening and ABC news anchor Connie Colla was the hostess of the evening.  Connie rocked the podium in a hot pink evening gown and Hollywood vintage inspired hair.

More exclusive photos on Facebook  facebook

There were some fun things for the attendee’s of this year’s Oscar Experience such as Rolf’s styling salon where the women could get their hair and makeup touched up.  Oscar Experience Night 2014-Phoenix_Connie Colla_300Once camera ready they could try on gorgeous vintage style furs so that they could have their picture taken at the SmartFem Social Media lounge which was sponsored by Evans Fine Furs and Leathers. Among the generous donations were Michelle Parkhurst of Evans Furs and Coye Pointer of Fiat of Scottsdale.

Attendees were able to watch the live Oscar show on big screens and during intermission we were entertained by young dancers featuring dance numbers from some of Hollywood’s best musicals. Although the glamour and lure of tinsel town is always abundant on this evening it was the gallant speech of young Logan Boles, 2014 Juvenile honoree who touched us with his story.

The evening was that of a fairy tale as the women in their beautiful ball gowns gathered together to support the Arthritis Foundation as well as view the nominated films. Oscar night generates so much excitement worldwide, but it is refreshing to see Phoenicians come together to enjoy each other and come together as a community to support the amazing philanthropic work right here in Phoenix.

The Arthritis Foundation was the charity tied to the Black tie Oscar Experience event.  Arthritis strikes about 50 million adults and 300,000 children and is the leading cause for disability in this nation.

Ending Homelessness in Phoenix

Ending Homelessness in Phoenix 4.80/5 5 votes

Most people think of the homeless as disheveled adults with signs next to the freeway ramps begging for a handout.  The staggering statistics that we don’t talk about is that 1 in 4 children are at or below the poverty level.   There is some good news however; these numbers are changing due to the amazing efforts of some of the valley’s leaders.

Darlene Newsom, CEO of UMOM and Debbie Gaby, of Sleep America Charities met with me to discuss some of the ways the homeless have been able to successfully transition into society again.  The idea that the majority of the homeless don’t work simply is not true.  The biggest population of homelessness is created by families of the working poor.  These families work hard, but due to the low wages of Arizona and the high costs of daycare it renders many incapable of sustaining themselves and their families.

within art debbie

Debbie Gaby and Darlene Newsom

UMOM has an all-inclusive program that not only shelters these families, but gives them the support they need but also the important life skills needed to further advance them into society. These life skills include programs such as counseling, parenting classes, interview skills, and safe daycare for their children.  The shelter is almost fully self-contained with a beautiful daycare center, full medical center as well as a culinary school to help its residents learn valuable practices they can use in the outside world.  The residents can stay up to seven years in transitional homes so that they can finish their education and gain the necessary skills to become self-supporting.

A great deal of planning and services has gone into the program to ensure the successful transition for its residents.  Debbie Gaby, of Sleep America Charities was on hand to discuss her partnership with the UMOM organization.  Sleep American Charities and Tempur-Pedic donated an astounding 140 beds.   These are some of the most expensive luxury beds on the market and they are also made of hypoallergenic materials. Since dust mites and bed bugs cannot penetrate the mattresses, this makes them perfect for the homeless.  The beds may be expensive but they will last longer and they don’t have to be replaced as often.

playgroundHomelessness is a problem but it does have a solution. If we all would write a check to organizations such as UMOM instead of giving our cash to the homeless we could actually make an even bigger difference.   UMOM has a high rate of success for successfully transitioning the homeless.



Remember the donations that you make can put an end to homelessness and hunger for a child.

Dreams and Beauty Don’t Have an Expiration Date!

Dreams and Beauty Don’t Have an Expiration Date! 5.00/5 3 votes

My Interview with Mrs. Arizona 2012 Kirin Christianson

These days, it seems that everyone has opinions about beauty pageants and I am no different.  My opinions of beauty pageants have always been less than favorable, however I decided to find out more about them.  I had met Kirin Christianson, Mrs. Arizona at number of functions and decided to see get the inside scoop on the pageant circuit. I will be the first to admit that I have always felt that pageants focus more on beauty than intelligence and character.  Kirin was refreshingly kind and positive about her experience with pageants and did her best to get me to see things from her perspective.  Despite my personal feelings about pageants, I would be remiss if I did not mention that two of my journalism heroines are both southern pageant girls: Diane Sawyer was America’s Junior Miss and Oprah Winfrey was Miss Black Tennessee.

about-kirin-christiansonAs she welcomed me into her beautiful Scottsdale home, she shared the story of pain and cruelty she experienced growing up, being known as the “Ugly Girl.”  Having two sisters myself, one of which was a homecoming queen, I also grew up being over shadowed by my more attractive siblings. Kirin explained that she decided to challenge herself and  figure out how to change the things that she could and to work hard on her self-esteem and courage. Her story is really unbelievable, she entered 12 beauty pageants before she ever won one. I like to think that I am strong and press on, but I think I would have cut my losses and moved on if it were me!  Her happy smile and can do attitude is what I admire about her and the fact that she proved that dreams and beauty don’t have an expiration date.

Kirin sensed that I wasn’t a fan of the pageant circuit, so she explained that pageants are now platforms for women to find their voice.  Pageants provide scholarships for younger women and the “Mrs.” pageants are a great way for women to highlight the charities that mean something to them.

Kirin is a busy mom but she uses her story to inspire other women to think outside the box.   She encourages women to dream and to get up after falling down.  We all have the ability to change how we feel about ourselves.  Self-esteem is the one thing no one can give you, it is a gift you must give yourself.

Surprisingly her experience with all the pageants put her on the road to self-discovery and helped her with her never give up attitude.  On a final note Kirin signed a modeling contract with Ford at the age of 38 thus proving beauty doesn’t have an expiration date!

It is true that beauty starts from within and radiates outward.



I Love the Face Place

I Love the Face Place 4.67/5 3 votes

I am always elated when I find a new beauty regime that not only works, but doesn’t break the bank either.  I recently decided to try micro-needling at the suggestion of a friend of mine.  This is something I have known about for a while but I wasn’t too sure about it, as there are a few different methods of this procedure. Micro-needling is collagen induction therapy which includes non surgical skin tightening that creates controlled injury underneath the skin’s surface, therefore causing the body to create new tissue layers of elastic and collagen fibers.


Donna Scelza from The Face Place

Donna Scelza from The Face Place

I went to the Face Place in the Biltmore area and met with esthetician Donna Scelza who explained to me that they use the Derma Pen and not the Derma roller.  She explained that the Derma Pen can be controlled and the needles are only used once, whereas the Derma rollers are used multiple times and the depth cannot be controlled.  I believe it is important to have a skilled technician who can control such things.  I have also heard that the derma rollers can dull occasionally, and they aren’t as sanitary since they are used more than once.


My experience was a relaxing one as I was pleasantly greeted by Augustina and Donna of the Face Place in the Biltmore area.  After Donna explained everything to me and cleansed my face, she then began to derma plane my face which she said would maximize the results of my micro-needling   Derma planning removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair.


After my face had been prepped, a numbing cream was applied to my face for several minutes. Donna then carefully removed the numbing cream and began the procedure. She applied the facial serums and they absorbed into the microscopic little punctures.  There was absolutely no pain or discomfort as she worked on my fine lines and a surgical scar on my right check.  Micro-needling has been extremely beneficial for people who suffer with acne scars, I don’t have any of those but I was pleasantly surprised with the minimization of my surgical scar.  After she finished the procedure she loaded me up with a fabulous post care package, something that I know most places don’t do.


fplaceI was a little red and swollen that night, but woke up in the morning the find my face a little pink but very hydrated and supple.  The fine lines around my eyes and lips were noticeably softer.  This procedure stimulates your body’s own production of collagen so I will continue to see improvement in the upcoming months.  Micro-needling needs to be spaced out for six weeks but you can bet that I will be going in again as I want to keep the momentum.


This was a really fabulous experience and the prices are so reasonable, especially since they do so much prep work to maximize your benefits.  In addition, the post care kit was so nice. I am usually given some instructions and told to go buy some Arnica.


To find out how you too can get pampered check out their website at




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