Five Creative Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

Employees have been forced to endure a year of virtual events, and to say they are burnt out is an understatement. Now that live events are coming back, why not give them an event that will live in their hearts and minds forever?

Here are a few fun ideas that you can incorporate into your next corporate event that will be all the buzz for years to come.

Hangar Party 

Airplane Hangars have a lot of flexibility for events and can be transformed into virtually anything. It’s basically a big empty box until you bring in the design elements and theme you want. Hotel Ballrooms have limitations and expenses that don’t apply to a hangar event.

Attendance rates improve once you add private jets and themes to your corporate event. Forget about the Instagram photo booth or step and repeat. A photo inside a private jet can be one of the many hits at your event.

Cirque Du Soleil 

Cirque du Soleil is a kaleidoscope of unique circus and theater styles in which the characters work through mime and props to showcase their art. These talented performers use acrobatics and aerial apparatus to delight your audience. Who wouldn’t want an aerialist suspended from the ceiling pouring your guests champagne?

Casino Night

Bring Vegas to your corporate event. A casino night complete with dealers and tables and a few Vegas-style showgirls for your photo op. What happens in Vegas may stay there, but this Vegas-style party will be the topic of conversation for years to come.

Aviation Theme Party

One of our more popular party events is to have an aviation theme with catering staff dressed as flight attendants and pilots. There’s an airline ticket check-in, baggage claim SWAG area, and of course, in-flight snacks for appetizers. We also have some amazing aviation centerpieces for the tables. Your attendees will love the first-class treatment.

Immersive Food and Drink Stations

Interactive stations are always fun for your attendees. We can make your own taco station, build your own sundae, or even a DIY bar where guests can create their own cocktail mocktails. These fun and interactive booths are always a hit at any party.

Your team has been locked up and forced to endure mind-numbing Zoom meetings for over a year now. Why not get the party started with an Epic Live Event?