Why Mental Health is Essential for Solopreneurs

When I quit my job to venture into entrepreneurship almost four years ago, I spent a lot of time researching, reading, and learning about starting a business. There is an abundance of information relating to filing for an LLC, launching your website, and setting goals. One thing I never learned about is mental health.

As someone who dealt with mild anxiety from a young age, I never made much of my negative feelings, emotions, and anxiety attacks that took over my plans. I just navigated life with them. When I launched my business, those feelings only seemed to grow. Mental health is important for everyone, no matter your age, gender, or profession. Mental health, however, isn’t talked about enough when it comes to entrepreneurship, especially solopreneurship.

Below are my top three reasons why mental health is essential for solopreneurship.

We work alone

It’s all in the title – solo-preneur. We work alone. We plan, create, and execute projects alone all the time. We brainstorm alone and, too often, deal with negative feelings alone. Solopreneurship can be lonely, which can only overstress damaging thoughts. Being aware of those negative thoughts is a great first step to improving your mental health.

While we work alone, we don’t have to go through everything alone. Finding a support group you can reach out to is instrumental to success in your business and your overall health.

Our workload can be unpredictable

While entrepreneurship comes with the freedom of creating your schedule, it also comes with the responsibility of getting the work done regardless of the time of day. While some seasons are calm, others can come with an overwhelming amount of work. The unpredictability can trigger someone struggling with mental health issues, which is why routines and regular schedules can help.

If you’re struggling with an overwhelming schedule and overwhelming negative thoughts, try sticking to a rigid routine. Learn to move on even if the work isn’t done. You can always tackle it tomorrow.

Finding motivation

If you’re anything like me, you find motivation in the outside world. You push yourself when you know someone or something beyond you is depending on you to get things done. As solopreneurs, finding that motivation can be difficult. We don’t have a team, leadership, or assistants to help us reach our goals.

If staying motivated is impacting your mental health, look for supports outside of your own business. Reach out to friends, support groups, or entrepreneur groups. You’d be surprised to learn how many business owners are going through similar struggles.