Tips For Having A Healthier Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and everyone is wondering what costume to wear and what treats to hand out. And we all know how yummy those sinfully delicious goodies are. That’s because sugar is usually the main ingredient, but too much sugar can be harmful to our health.

One teaspoon of sugar can shut down a person’s immune system for up to 5 hours, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Children should get only 3 to 4 teaspoons of sugar per day, and adults should limit their intake to 5 teaspoons a day, according to Yale Health.

Here are some wonderful tips for making this Halloween not only healthy, but also enjoyable.

First, before going to your party or taking your children trick-or-treating, serve a filling and healthy meal so that tempting sugary desserts and candy aren’t eaten simply because of hunger.

You can also pass out non-edible treats as substitutes for candy. Try things like stickers, crayons, bubbles, kaleidoscopes, slinkies, yo-yos, sidewalk chalk, glow sticks, Hacky Sacks, or other fun gifts.

If you would prefer to hand out edible treats, try some commercially-packaged alternatives to candy like trail mix, raisins, popcorn packets, or Nutter Butter crackers. People will trust packages from the grocery store more than homemade items since they are sealed.

Throwing a party at your home? You can make healthy pumpkin muffins or popcorn with nuts and raisins. It’s also the perfect time to serve a green smoothie, which you can call the Magic Martian Mixture! Guests will think they are having a special Halloween drink when in reality they are enjoying a healthy smoothie.

With adult and childhood obesity on the rise at an alarming rate, doubling over the last 30 years, it’s smart to be someone who isn’t contributing to the sugar disease epidemic. You’d be surprised how enjoyable the alternatives to the sugar-laden candy are.

For Halloween spend time together, play fun music, bob for apples, make jack-o-lanterns, and bake pumpkin bread or other items that benefit your family’s health. This shows your family how much you really care about them.

May you have a fun, safe Halloween holiday.




Nancy Addison CHC, AADP is a Dallas based health and nutrition counselor, chef, and healthy nutrition advocate who has published 6 internationally award-winning health books/cookbooks, and her articles have been published in Doctors Don’t Tell You, Celebration Magazine, The Park Cities News, MSN, and Your Tango. Nancy works people struggling with health challenges and she guides them to having more radiant health. Let her help you create radiant health by contacting her now via email to get started! 

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