“I think we should take a break.” *cue the kind of tears that come while watching the end of A Walk to Remember*

Hearing those words would make me shudder with horror because for me it means the relationship is OVER…DONRelationshipE…FINITE. But, some people don’t see it that way. Some people think that “taking a break” means just that, taking a break. Pushing pause on the relationship for a certain amount of time for whatever reason may be beneficial for some, it may even make the relationship stronger. What do you think?

I always thought that “taking a break” was more of a guy phrase. Something they say instead of saying that they want to sleep with other people without it being called cheating. But after asking both boys and girls, I found that “taking a break” has a ton of meanings.


My version of “taking a break” is slowing the relationship down and maybe spending more time a part. But, we definitely still see each other. 

Taking a break is basically being broken up. You can see other people but no sex. No, no, no, no, no. Dates and kissing with other people are fine, but sex is out of the question!

Taking a break is just another word for breaking up.

If we are taking a break we are still technically together but we don’t talk for a while.  

Taking a break pretty much means we aren’t dating anymore and the guy is doing his own thing. 


That’s a game to me. What’s the point of a break…oh yeah to talk to other people. Might as well just break up!

In my opinion it means you want to break up but you want to ease them into it somehow.

“Taking a break” means you want to mess around with other people and then go back to your significant other when you’re done. 

A break is taking a break but forever. 

“Taking a break” means you don’t have a title but you still talk to the other person (unless they don’t want that) but you can do casual dates but no sex or anything dirty. 

Interesting…very interesting! Who knew that there were so many different meanings for “taking a break?”

I definitely think it depends on the relationship and the exact circumstance. But if a guy told me he wanted to take a break all I would be saying is, “boy bye!” Like I said, the relationship is OVER…DONE…FINITE.