What to Declutter from Your Home Before the New Year

With 2020 around the corner, it’s time to get rid of the old to make room for the new. There is no right or wrong way to declutter, but there are definitely specific categories that you shouldn’t forget about.  

woman trying on designer dressBy conquering each area of your home, you’ll beat the overwhelm and get organized. Your unused items can become someone else’s treasure this new year. Below are five categories to declutter from your home before the New Year.

Unused clothes and accessories

A new year is a great opportunity to clean out and cleanse your closet. Take this time to go through each item individually and decide whether you want to take it with you into the new decade.

Ask yourself if each item serves your goals, values, and lifestyle. If it doesn’t, feel free to set the item aside to donate later.

Expired foods

If you’ve been putting off going through your refrigerator and pantry, now’s your chance to tackle the tedious task. There’s no reason why you should start the new year with old expired food taking up space in your fridge and pantry.

This is also a great opportunity to stock up on non-perishables that you use throughout the year. So, while you’re dumping out the old to make room for the new, make sure to keep an ongoing grocery list nearby to note what you’re missing.

Old paperwork and junk mail

If you’re anything like me, you probably have drawers overflowing with junk mail for credit card offers, retailer ads, and discounts and coupons. While some items might come in handy one day, there’s no point in keeping advertisements from January of last year.

woman decluttering home and donating itemsBlock out an hour or two from your schedule and tackle this task once and for all. Make sure to have all the adults in your household partake in the activity, as a lot of the old paperwork likely belongs to them, too.

Old read and unread books

Finding time to read that book you’ve had on your nightstand isn’t easy. Reading is one of the first things to go when our schedules get busy. Be honest with yourself and only keep those books you’re likely to read this next year.

If you’re planning on keeping books with sentimental value, or those that had an impact on your life and you plan on looking back on, make sure to create a dedicated spot for them.

Unused toys and art supplies

As a mom, I’ve gotten used to constant mess and clutter. My daughter loves art, which means I can usually count on crayons, markers, and papers lying around her room. While stocking up and constantly used items is important, it’s also crucial to discard any unused supplies.

This is a great opportunity to involve your children and teach them about the importance of decluttering.