White RoseAs a florist here in Phoenix, I hear some amazing stories.  This one is of a man who demonstrated how modern technology and internet dating has not destroyed old fashioned chivalry.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy our awesome clients have made me recently!  There is a gentleman who recently relocated to Arizona.  After retiring from the restaurant business last year he choose to move closer to his family.  One of those family members talked him into trying to find a companion using the most amazing tool called the Internet.  Each time he had a meeting for coffee he would stop by and get two white roses.  He would give her one when they met, and another as the meeting was coming to a close.  A few days later he would be back again, getting two more white roses, and tell us many of the pitfalls of internet dating.  And man did he have some great stories!  If you have, or know anyone that has tried this, you know that as my grandmother once told my sister, you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.

single yellow roseIn a city as big as Phoenix, we florists hear a lot of stories, some good, some not so great.  But hearing of a gentleman who wanted to take flowers to meet a new lady was refreshing in this chaotic and hustle bustle life we live in.  I am happy to report that he now has finally found someone and has met with her several times.  He has moved up to yellow roses which represent friendship.

two red rosesI hope one day soon he will be getting two red roses, which represent love for this lucky lady!  In today’s modern world of internet dating, writing this brings a smile to my face and proves to me that chivalry is not dead!


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