Jamie Abromovitz, created Dreamalings as an educational endeavor to enrich and educate children and adults through entertaining educational content, products, tools and programs to foster a lifelong love of learning through imagination and creativity.

She presents these stories so you can read them to your children at bedtime from your portable tablet or phone.


Ask children the following questions before reading:

1. Do you like to bake? What?

2. Do you like to do things with your mom?

3. What kinds of things?

4. Is your mom your friend also?



Mama and Me


There’s no one else who bakes a cake

As good as “Mama and Me.


And late each night,

When there are two awake,

Guess who? It’s “Mama and Me!


When the T.V. is on,

We sit and watch all day,

Just “Mama and Me.”


And sometimes when we want some fun,

We play. Yep! “Mama and Me.”


Oh, and when we go out,

Sometimes I shout,

“Hey look, it’s Mama and Me!”


And when I sleep,

In my hand I keep

My Mama’s hand with Me.


Well after all, if I’m big or small,

She’ll always be “Mama” to Me…


And in the end,

When I need a friend,

I’ll call my “Mama” to Me.


Because late at night,

When I stay awake,

Who’s there?

Just “Mama and Me.”


And there’s no one else

Who bakes a cake

As good as “Mama and Me.”

Copyright © 2002 and 2012, Jamie Abromovitz 

After reading:

5. Are the mom and the child friends in this story?

6. What do they do together?

7. What’s their favorite thing to do together?

8. Talk about your favorite thing to do with your mom…

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