Body Language cruicial for dating with confidenceIt’s surprising how many people forget when dating that 79 precent of all communication is non verbal.  When you go out on a date do you know what your body is communicating to the opposite sex?  Here are a few tips that will make you appear more confident in the dating scene.

Appropriate Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your date is crucial to appearing confident, but eye contact must be done correctly.  If you avoid eye contact it will make you appear nervous, scared, and possibly not trustworthy.  If you gaze at someone you’ve just met for more than ten seconds it may come across as a stalker stare and it make your date feel uncomfortable.  Making eye contact with someone during a conversation is essential but just don’t continually stare without occasionally looking away.


Flashing your pearly whites is a powerful way to put people at ease.  Studies have shown that more than just babies are attracted to people who smile.  Have you ever noticed how some people can light up a room with a smile?  A smile is your most important accessory as it conveys confidence, warmth and approachability.  Smiling has also been shown to reduce your personal stress and elevate your mood and smiling at someone almost always causes them to smile back.

Don’t Fidget

Nothing says fear and lack of self confidence than fidgeting.  Some common fidgeting habits to avoid are shaking your leg, tapping your fingers, twirling your hair or other fidgety movements.  Kind of like that person in the office who drinks too much coffee.  Fidgeting is a turn-off to a potential mate.

Don’t Cross Your Arms

Keeping your body locked up like Fort Knox will keep you from a second date.  Don’t cross your arms as that can make you appear guarded or competitive.  Leaning back in your chair with arms unfolded makes you appear to be relaxed.

Don’t Slouch

Slouching forward can make you look lazy and unconfident.  Make a point of standing up straight or sitting tall with your back straight as it will make you appear to be more confident even when you may not be.  At the same time try to relax when you stand or sit and not tense up as being too rigid will just make you appear scared or nervous.

Making a conscious effort to control these simple habits will allow you to reap great benefits when it comes to your love life, your self confidence, and even your health.  Always be aware of your body language even when not on a date as you never know who may be watching.  It could just be the one.