Couple taking photos.Can men and woman ever truly just be friends? If you ask me the answer is no, never, absolutely not! This may be only my opinion but I just don’t see how it can be done. I’m not saying men and woman can’t be friends; I just mean I am not sure if their friendship can ever really be just platonic. He’s like a brother to me, I hear. He knows me too well for me to ever go out with him. All of these lines become irrelevant when, a year later, you end up dating the person you swore you didn’t see in “that kind of way”

I have been in and observed many friendships that have quickly become relationships. Which is why I think it’s impossible to be just friends if there is either a sexual attraction, an emotional attraction, or a one sided attraction…which there always seems to be.

Too often have I hung out with someone who is completely fixated on their phone; when I ask who they are texting they reply saying a friend attaching a slight grin to their face. They will bring up their male companions name at least 100 times a day…oh, this weather reminds me that Dan is going to New York tomorrow…this quesadilla reminds me how much George loves Mexican food…this chair reminds me how Joey sits. It goes on and on and on.

If you are shaking your head in disagreement while listing off all the names of your male buddies than maybe you’re the exception. Or, maybe your male friend is the one silently in love with you..

How often do you hear from your “friend?” Are you texting all the time? Rushing to call him the second you receive good news? Would he rather hang out with you than go on a date with another girl? Would you rather hang out with him than accept a date from another guy?

Picture this.You’re in a relationship and you and your boyfriend get into a fight. Nothing serious, something trivial, but who do you call for advice on what to do…?

All I am saying is that I think it’s harder than not to be just friends with a guy. I am sure most of us have tried it only to see it blow up in our faces. We can pretend we are “just friends,” tell everyone, but if we were to look deep inside ourselves would our feelings be completely platonic?

Contemplate it…would you ever, in a million years, consider dating your friend? You’re thinking about it aren’t you? Exactly.