Do Collagen Supplements Really Work For Anti-Aging?

Collagen. Our bodies naturally produce it, and sadly as time ticks on, we begin to produce less and less each year. We start to see wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin elasticity, and other various signs of aging.

Then, a new product hit the market. Collagen drinks.

The global skincare and cosmetic industry is said to be worth 130 billion by 2019, according to Forbes, and with the demand for products that help with aging skin, it’s no wonder the industry continues to boom.

One popular trend is collagen drinks or supplements, but do they actually work? The products claim to help reverse the signs of aging by helping the body reproduce collagen, giving the skin back its elasticity and firmness.

Apparently, it can.

Various beauty bloggers have wrote rave reviews about the amazing benefits of giving the body more collagen, including a noticeable increase in skin firmness with an improvement in joint function as well.

Collagen not only makes one’s skin look youthful, it’s also the main protein that essentially holds the body together. It supports healthy bone and joint function and provides a scaffold for the body’s muscles and tendons as well.

Collagen is an important ingredient within the body, so naturally it makes sense that keeping the body pumped full of the miracle protein would help with more than signs of aging.

Today, collagen can be found in the form of powder, pills or drinks, and users say results can be seen in as little as 30 days.

But they key to reaping its benefits is by ingesting it rather than using a topical cream.

Collagen face creams can’t penetrate deep enough into the skin’s dermis to aid in collagen reproduction, but supplements give the body back the protein it’s missing.

The main thing is to make sure you consistently take it, whatever form you choose, so your body can continue to benefit from having more of it in its system.

When it comes to choosing which method to buy, you must first understand which collagen you’re looking for. There are three types of collagen the body produces.

Type 1 collagen is all things hair, skin and nails. This type of collagen is what you want for anti-aging benefits. Type 2 collagen is for joint and cartilage aid, and can help reduce popping knuckles, knee pain and back issues. Type 3 collagen applies to bone, tendon and connective tissue.

Type 1 and 3 can, and are usually, paired together. When taking this supplement it’s important to either take it with vitamin C, or find a supplement with vitamin C in it as it helps with absorption in the body.

Taking collagen can provide the body with essential proteins needed not only for a beautiful complexion, but for a healthy body at any age.