Have You Set Your Goals Today?

The blogs in this series are aimed at setting the stage for the mindset required to create the fabulous life you’ve always wanted. Once you have created your vision, and determined your ‘why,’ it is time to set concrete goals.

As a life coach, and as someone who has created the life of her own choosing, I can assure you that setting goals is key. Taking control of your life requires structure and organization. Your ‘why’ translates into reality by following these next steps.

Start with the ultimate vision. Write down clearly what you want and when you want it by. Look at it every day. The more detailed the better. Whether it is a money goal, a lifestyle goal, a relationship goal, or a professional goal, be as specific as possible.

Break you goals down into chunks. Set smaller timelines for each step. For example, if you want to hit your goal weight by your summer vacation create a game plan that shows your weekly and monthly goals to help you hit your target weight. The brain loves specifics!

Create the plan and execute. This is the time to get to work. Enlist the help of others when necessary and keep track of your progress in your daily journal. 

Plan, do, review, repeat. Monitor progress and make adjustments continually. Your journal entries should be detailed, and provide information in order to correct or adjust accordingly in order for you to continue to progress.

Tips for setting S.M.A.R.T goals:

  1. They need to be Specific.
  2. They need to be Measurable
  3. Find someone to hold you Accountable
  4. They need to be Realistic (but not too easy)
  5. They need to have a Timeline (it is too easy to procrastinate)

No one ever got to a destination without a road map. Fabulous people set fabulous goals and do what’s necessary to achieve them. Your life should become a series of goals that you set, hit, and then establish a new set.

The more goals you hit the better the progress, and it will soon separate you from the pack.