College graduate now what -featuredNo one is ever going to love you more than you love yourself…you have to love yourself in order to receive love…it’s important to be 100 percent confident with yourself before giving your love to another person. Phrases and lines I am sure we have all been told before, but what do they really mean?

What does it mean to love yourself? To become one of those woman who believe they are the most gorgeous creatures in the room or the young girl who has some of the highest expectations in the world because she deserves the best guy…? I don’t know about you but I can’t stand those girls. Walking around as if they are gods great gift to the rest of us peasants. Does being cocky have to go hand in hand with being confident?

I don’t think loving yourself means thinking you have everything-beauty, brains, and personality. Loving yourself means knowing who you are and being okay with it. Appreciating everything you’ve been through; your flaws, your past, and every decision you’ve made in order to arrive at where you are today. It’s a beautiful process that I am currently working on in order to become a more self-assured, self-confident, and self-possessed person. Why? Because accepting who you are will help you understand and accept who everyone else is.

Join me in this process of loving YOU and consequently becoming happier with the world around you.

Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all different and therefore move through life in very different ways. We all achieve success, as well as, failure at different times. We all look

Move your body around. Exercise…figure out the way your body likes to move and appreciate all of the things your can do.

Take lots of pictures. The point of living is to make memories

Reevaluate your friendships. It’s officially time to let go of the who don’t benefit you. If you find yourself constantly unhappy with your friend group than leave it. Reunite with old friends and hold on to the relationships that make you happiest.

Care about the way you look. Don’t think I mean this in a conceded way but liking the way you look on the outside can help improve the way you feel about yourself on the inside. I know I feel my best when my hair is done and my clothes are fitting my body perfectly.

Take caution with your feelings. Don’t let people take advantage of you and make sure you protect your heart, as well as, your body.

Smile more. Laugh loudly. Judge less. The purpose of life is to live it. Travel somewhere you’ve never been, don’t take yourself too seriously, watch movies, read books, dance, sing, and be as kind as you can to everyone you meet.

There are many ways to become happier with yourself but the main way is to do everything that you want to do…within reason, of course. Enjoy this life because it’s the only one you get.