Things Your Employer Should Always Compensate You For

Sometimes we all have to go above and beyond at work and pick up the slack of someone else. Maybe someone in your department just quit and now you and your colleagues are a man short.

There will always be various instances where, for whatever reason, you might find yourself doing a little more than your job description entails, and usually that’s okay, for a short time.

But should you find yourself in a position where you are wearing far too many hats and being responsible for completing another employee’s duties, don’t hesitate to speak up because you should be getting compensated.

Here are a few additional work duties your employer should always compensate you for, either financially or with time off.

If you find yourself being the one assigned to pick up and drop off CEO’s and executives to the airport, you should be getting compensated for your time, and gas to fill your vehicle for that matter! This is still considered working on the clock and it’s certainly after business hours should you find yourself making airport runs at 5 a.m. or 11 p.m.

Working weekends on a regular basis, or having to take home huge assignments to work on them after business hours are both tasks you should always be compensated for. If you find yourself working overtime, which is working any hours other than the typical 9 to 5 work day, or whatever your company sets their work day at, then you should be getting paid overtime.

Many employees had this happen to them when companies were forced to downsize. We are talking about having to take on another department’s job duties because they were eliminated. If you find yourself in that position, you should see compensation for those new job duties reflected in your paycheck.

Speaking of having to take on extra job duties, if you find yourself being tasked with projects that would otherwise be sourced to an outside vendor, you should not hesitate to ask for a raise, or to have your job title reflect the new duties you are being asked to take on.

It is essential that you never settle for less than you deserve, and that means if you find yourself pulling extra weight at work you might want to consider having a chat with your boss or HR department.

Being compensated is only fair when you are taking on workload that goes far beyond what your original title and duties entail.