downotnIf you’ve missed the enchanting drama of Downton Abbey, you will be delighted to know season 5 is running full steam ahead! After the premiere of the first episode last Sunday January 4, fans of the show were revived now that their beloved characters were back on screen.

Many people watch the show because they can’t get enough of British accents and secret intertwined drama of the staff verses the tenants. While I admit the characters and plot are addicting, one of my favorite aspects of the show are the costumes they all wear.

Since Downton Abbey begins in 1912 and spans throughout the 1920s, the wardrobe of the characters drastically changes throughout the series.  Last season we saw Lady Mary and Lady Edith don flashy beaded and embroidered dresses as was in style in the early-twenties.

On the brink of the Great Depression, the Crawley family has their financial ups and downs, but they still remain wealthy. This means the girls of Grantham will be adorned with the glamourous styles of the late twenties-early-thirties. Why should you be excited for this? First of all, the 1930s brings about a few iconic styles, such as longer hair, dramatic makeup, and even pants! Entering the era of Katharine Hepburn and other film starlets, the costume designer for the show, Caroline McCall, should have had a wonderful time deciding on the wardrobes of each character.lady maryThe evolution of the show’s costumes and style is evident even in the first episode of this season. The Crawley’s have traded decadent jewelry and regal attire for more simple, practical cuts as was fashionable in the 20s.

Viewers of the Masterpiece drama know all too well that the characters’ costume choice is reflective of the mood in the house, so it should be interesting to see what the hair, make-up and wardrobing team come up for the family this season.

After seeing the first episode of season 5, I realized that the uniforms downstairs would not change much. Considering they are wearing uniforms, it is unlikely to see any kind of shift in the attire of Carson, Mrs. Hughes, or any other favorites from the kitchen!

Downton Abbey airs on PBS on Sunday evenings.