There is something about the winter season that tends to bring on a strange feeling. Do you ever feel you are stuck in a funk? Your normal routine starts to feel boring, and happiness starts to feel far from your reach. For some reason, I feel this way a lot of the time before Christmas each year. In order to get out of this funk, I am trying to say “yes” more and try new things I have never done before. Another approach that helps me personally is a to-do list. This generally helps me so I wake up feeling the need to accomplish that list and I relish the feeling each time I cross something off of that beautiful list! If I do not do this list, I’ve noticed I am nowhere near as productive.

paint or do artI did my own research years ago to find ways out of this funk. Simple methods such as a form of art, taking a break for a walk, clearing out all of that clutter, volunteering, or even finding a new recipe can help in this situation. Basically, take time for yourself and perhaps find something new you love. I personally love to paint, go for walks, and I enjoy clearing out my closet to find fun outfits I forgot about!

The essential part of coming out of a funk is to remember you are not alone. Everyone gets this feeling from time to time. Just know that you can climb out of this hole and feel happy and like YOU again! Perhaps these are reminders to take time for ourselves and to not work so much. So take some time out for yourself and do something new! Create something! Sing a song! Cook a new dish! Do your good deed for the day! Most of all, never ignore your feelings, cater to them. Happy holidays friends! You can beat this!