How to Re-Energize Yourself as a Busy Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Saying goodbye to a 9-5 often translates to being on all the time. While I believe the benefits of being an entrepreneur outweigh the obstacles, it’s no secret that entrepreneurship can sometimes lead to burnout.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s struggling to find a balance in your hectic life, don’t give up yet. Below are six ways to re-energize yourself daily as a busy entrepreneur.

Work out

Working out has become one of the biggest game-changers when it comes to my overall energy and mood. Starting my day with a work out improves my energy, focus, and productivity throughout my day. I can often correlate a productive day back to my morning workout. Even a 30-minute workout can change the way you view your hectic schedule and task list.

Enjoy personal time

We often steer toward self-care once we’ve reached rock bottom, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Find small increments of time to do something for yourself every day. Whether that means taking a walk to a nearby coffee shop or reading 10 pages of a book to clear your mind. Taking time for yourself is essential to re-energize yourself throughout a hectic season in business.

Eat well

Nutrition has a lot to do with your energy, mood, and focus. If you’re feeling drained and uninspired, I challenge you to take inventory of what you’re putting into your body. Most of the time we feel our worst after eating something that drains us instead of fueling us. Eat well and eat often to stay at the top of your game.


You don’t have to take a vacation or sit by the pool to unwind. You should make it a priority to relax every single day. Whether you choose to do this through meditation, yoga, or journaling, unwinding can help you recharge at the end of each day and start a new day with a fresh outlook.


I’ve never valued sleep as much as I do now as an entrepreneur. Since my work consists of a lot of creative work and energy, sleep has become my best friend. Unfortunately, I also recently started experiencing insomnia, which has been a tough battle to deal with. If you’re struggling with your nightly sleep as well, this is what is helping me deal with it.

Be present

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’re often either stuck on the past or worried about the future. When was the last time you stopped to enjoy the moment right in front of you? Practice being present and enjoy even the smallest moments of your day. After all, you’re an entrepreneur and in charge of your life. It doesn’t get better than that.