How to Limit Screen Time and Be More Present in Your Everyday Life

It’s no secret that our smartphones have completely taken over our lives. Screen time has dramatically increased in the last decade and social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are to blame. Unfortunately, an increase in screen time usually correlates to a decrease in the presence and overall happiness in our daily lives.

Of course, social media is now part of our lifestyle, so while we might not want to cut out these platforms completely, there are certain steps we can take towards a healthier relationship with our phones and our everyday lives. Below are five ways to limit screen time and be more present in our everyday life.

Turn off notifications

Notifications are one of the biggest distractors when it comes to phone use. As soon as our phone rings or vibrates we’re automatically directed towards our phone to check what the update is all about. These small notifications can usually lead to hours of screen time per day.

A simple update in your settings can help you focus on the task or activity in front of you. Don’t worry, that notification will be there for you when you do decide to open the app later on.

Set app limits

One of my favorite updates on the iPhone is the new feature that allows you to set screen time and app limits. I was shocked when I discovered I spent more than two hours of social media on any given day. When I learned about the feature, I quickly updated my settings and set a limit of two hours per day. I also block social media use from 10 pm to 10 am every day. This helps me keep my morning free of social media use and other distractions.

Be intentional

Setting clear intentions for phone use can dramatically change your relationship with your smartphone. Get clear about why you’re on the phone and what your purpose is for being on a particular app. If social media apps are keeping you glued to your phone for hours at a time, ask yourself why you’re spending so much valuable time on the app anyway.

Once you’re clear on your purpose. Create a plan and stick to it. You’ll find yourself using the apps for what they were created for – connecting.

Put your phone away

If you’re the type of person that reaches for their phone at all times, then it might be time to put it away. There’s a lot of power in the simple act of placing your phone in a different room. You’ll quickly realize that you don’t need your phone as often as you think. Of course, phone calls and text messages are necessary these days, and they’re a good reason to be on your phone. However, they’re the exception and should not be a reason why you find yourself scrolling for hours at a time.