Are you obsessed with social media? I already know the answer, yes. But what is it about social media that you are so obsessed with? Are you someone who is constantly posting their day to day activities or do you simply have an account so that you can look at what other people are doing? Basically…are you the stalker or the stalkee? way, you are making yourself absolutely miserable; measuring your validation based off of how many “likes” your posts get. If your landscape instagram picture gets almost 100 “likes” then life is good. But, if your selfie only gets 20 “likes” you start to feel horrible about yourself and your life! Am I right?

Or maybe you spend your time looking at all the celebrities who ate at Nobu last weekend. Yes, looking at celebrities can be entertaining but it inevitably makes you hate your life. Every time I look at Kim Kardashian’s snapchats I am reminded by the fact that I don’t have millions because of a sex tape I was in with Ray J.

According to a new study published in 2016, there is a direct correlation between social media and depression. You may think that the people who don’t use social media are the ones who are more depressed. Makes sense, they must be anti social. Well, that isn’t the case! This study showed that those who are on social media have a higher risk of being depressed. How could they not be?

We are looking at people who have what we don’t have and trying to convince our followers that we are living our dream lives. It’s a farce and yet we are all competing with one another in an attempt to feel good about ourselves or rather our “social media” selves! No wonder this study showed that you are more likely to be happy with yourself if you don’t spend every waking moment on social media.