How to Change Careers in the Age of COVID-19

It’s no secret COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty in our lives over the last nine months. Since then, millions of people have had to learn to live with the constantly changing guidelines, ultimately affecting their health, lifestyle, and even their careers. Changes that while might not always be ideal, they’re sometimes necessary to stay afloat.

As we all learn to adjust to this new normal, others also must learn how to adjust to new careers amid the pandemic. Below are some tips on how to change careers in the age of COVID-19.

Let go of your pride

It’s not easy to make a change when it wasn’t your plan, to begin with. As professionals, sometimes our careers are part of our identity, and who could blame you? You’ve spent years in school, climbing the corporate ladder, and seizing every opportunity. Don’t let those achievements hold you back from a necessary change. If the only thing holding you back from making a change is your pride, it’s time to let it go and pivot.

Be open and available

Although I’m a huge advocate of setting boundaries in your personal and professional life, some instances require us to be open to what life throws at us. During these unprecedented times, making ourselves available to an existing opportunity can be the difference between employment and joblessness. If you’re serious about a career change in the age of COVID-19, then you also have to be serious about your readiness to take on whatever opportunity is presented.   

Do your research

Doing your research when thinking of making a career change is essential. While some industries are suffering during the pandemic, other industries and roles are thriving and in high demand. Look for opportunities that fit your experience and skills. They might not be what you’re used to, but you never know until you try. A career change can be just what your career needed to keep up with the changing times.

Leverage your network

If there’s anything the pandemic has proven, it’s that people are more than willing to help others. Whether it’s helping a charity, a neighbor, or a peer, we’re all looking for ways to touch the lives of those that need it most. If you find yourself stuck in your job search, consider reaching out to your network for help. You’d be surprised how many jobs are secured thanks to connections and referrals from colleagues. LinkedIn is a great tool for professions, especially those looking to make a career change.

Develop additional streams of income  

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to develop multiple income streams. Think about what your skills and passions are. Most of the time, these are things people are willing to pay money for. Get creative and don’t get discouraged by the current state of the world. When we return to normal you’ll be glad you made the necessary changes to keep growing as a skilled professional.